February 6, 2018
Quentin Tarantino Once Defended Roman Polanski In A 2003 Interview

Details of a 2003 Howard Stein interview with Quentin Tarantino recently resurfaced of the Pulp Fiction director defending Polanski. In the interview, Tarantino vehemently defends Roman Polanski of any wrongdoing in the rape of a 13-year-old girl. The director claims she was down to party and wanted to have sex with Polanski. Tarantino's role in the car crash of actress Uma Thurman while filming Kill Bill has been in the spotlight recently. The Kill Bill director has apologized, calling the stunt the biggest regret of his life. Thurman was forced to do the stunt which ended in a life-threatening crash while filming the movie Kill Bill.

The Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction actress, in an interview with the New York Times, revealed her #MeToo experience. The actress disclosed that she was raped and sexually assaulted in Hollywood. Uma Thurman claims to have also been assaulted by Harvey Weinstein, the actress narrated her ordeal with Weinstein on two occasions. Weinstein exposed himself to her on one occasion and tried to force himself on her on another occasion. The actress later informed Tarantino about Weinstein's behaviour prompting a "half-a**ed apology," according to the New York Times.

However, audio from a Howard Stern interview with the film director puts his reputation to question. Tarantino spends more than eight minutes defending Polanski according to the Daily Mail. Polanski fled to France before being sentenced for drugging and raping a 13-year-old girl in 1977. Tarantino claimed that Polanski was not a rapist even when co-host Robin Quivers disclosed that the girl was drugged and drunk. The director insisted that it was statutory rape, he had sex with a minor. In the interview, Tarantino was of the view that Polanski was guilty of having sex with a minor but not rape.


The director defended his opinion by insisting that she wanted to have it and even dated Polanski. The film director was asked why Polanski didn't go after women his own age and he retorted that he likes girls. The director claims to have met Polanski only once and says that he is not a friend. But his shocking defence of Polanski is surprising and disappointing. Quentin Tarantino concludes the interview by saying there would be a bullet in Polanski's head if it was his daughter. A glimpse of the double standard in Hollywood in light of the #MeToo movement.