February 6, 2018
Katie Maloney Speaks Out About Emotional Episode: 'Vanderpump Rules' Star Finally Gets Public Support

Katie Maloney seems to be enjoying her role as a wife, and it sounds like things are going great with Tom Schwartz. On last night's episode of Vanderpump Rules, Lisa Vanderpump was hosting a party for Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine, where she was taking over as the editor-in-chief. Maloney was working at the party when Kevin Lee told her she had gained weight and that she needed to take her weight gain seriously. She was shocked that he would say such a thing and Lisa was speechless after hearing the comments. And it sounds like people are just as shocked, as viewers are now reaching out to Katie with supportive comments.

Perhaps Maloney was preparing for negative comments, as she has often received backlash for her behavior on Vanderpump Rules. Over the years, she's been slammed for being too harsh with Tom Schwartz and has lost control several times, especially after drinking tequila. According to a new tweet, Katie Maloney is now revealing that she's very thankful for the positive support and, she's happy that people understand that the comments made by Kevin Lee were uncalled for and downright rude. However, it sounds like she hasn't taken the comments too seriously.

"Wow, I'm emotional over all the kind tweets from everyone tonight. Feeling the love and can't thank y'all enough!!!!!" Katie Maloney revealed on Twitter, to which people had plenty of positive reactions, writing things like, "It's upsetting that a man or anyone would criticize a beautiful, strong, & successful woman because she doesn't fit into HIS unrealistic & potentially unhealthy beauty standard. Stand tall & know that his statements don't reflect anything about who you really are or your beauty" and "You're beautiful on the inside and on the out Katie! Never ever let a man or a woman tell you otherwise. Hope to stop by SUR one of these days to meet my favorite Surver!"

It's admirable that Katie is standing strong after receiving such negative comments. It's clear that her Vanderpump Rules co-stars have her back, especially when it comes to her body. When she shared her experience with her co-stars during last night's episode, they were all shocked. The girls were surprised and angered that a man would make such comments to a woman, pointing out sensitive issues about her weight. When Maloney told her story to Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval, they were surprised. They were surprised she didn't fight back, telling him how it was inappropriate. These days, Katie is doing great, but she didn't reveal whether she has received an apology from Kevin Lee.

Katie Maloney is working on herself. She's working out and trying to live a healthy lifestyle for the sake of herself, not because she's trying to lose 20 pounds for the sake of other people, but because she wants to be healthy.