February 6, 2018
Tiffany Trump Not 'Forgotten Trump Daughter' With Secret Service In Tow

Tiffany Trump is not as front and center in the media as her big sister Ivanka, but she certainly has the attention from the Secret Service agents who travel with her as she "spends daddy's money," according to a new report. Tiffany has been referred to as "the forgotten daughter" of Donald Trump in the past, according to Cheat Sheet. But if you take a gander into her excursions, she looks more like a girl who hasn't forgotten all the luxuries awarded to someone who has a father with tons of money.

Cheat Sheet suggests that the groundwork was in place long before Tiffany was born for her to grow into the "black sheep" of the family. It started with the "tumultuous affair and marriage between Tiffany's mother, Marla Maples, and Mr. Trump." While Trump supplied the child support, Marla Maples supplied the parenting to the only child that Trump and Maples had together.

This is not much different from the way Ivana Trump describes raising Trump's three oldest children who were born to his first marriage. Trump was known as the provider of luxury and his wives, including Melania, took almost full responsibility for the children that each of his wives had with the man who would become president.

Donald Trump is the first to admit that his wives raised the kids and he funded this, according to an archived article from Care.com. Trump told Howard Stern back in 2005, "I won't do anything to take care of the children. I'll supply funds and she'll take care of the kids." Each of his three wives has also been very forthcoming about how they've taken on the majority of the daily care of the children while married to Trump.

So Tiffany was not the only child who didn't have a hands-on dad. Unlike the other kids who lived nearby to their dad, Tiffany was raised on the other side of the country, so she saw less of her dad than her three older half-siblings did. They remained in New York City with their mom after the divorce, just a few floors down from their dad.

Black sheep of the family or not, Tiffany is living it up with her dad's money today, reports Cheat Sheet, as she travels the world with her boyfriend to warm and exotic places. She has also taken a yacht trip with her mother Marla Maples in Italy and she's been on skiing vacations where the rich and famous congregate. She has also spent some time with her mom at Utah's Sundance Ski Resort.

Wherever Tiffany goes, so does her Secret Service agents, so it is safe to say the agents assigned to the youngest Trump daughter are seeing some exclusive vacation spots in the world. The Bahama's, Italy, Berlin, Budapest, the Hamptons in the summer and the ski resorts in the winter are places she's traveled so far. Tiffany has been on a few trips with the Secret Service in tow.According to The Independent, right before Tiffany went on the yacht trip with her mother, she spent some time in Berlin and Budapest sojourn with her boyfriend, Ross Mechanic. The American taxpayers shelled out over $22,000 just for the Secret Service agents' lodging alone. This didn't include any of the other expenses that go along with travel or their pay during this time.

This was something Trump chastised Obama for at one time, spending the taxpayers' money on vacations, as seen in the tweet below from 2012.

As far as Tiffany and the other Trump children, they didn't run for president, but they happen to be children of the man who now occupies the Oval Office. Like it or not, the Secret Service agents being assigned to the First Family members is the protocol that is long-standing. So where ever Tiffany goes, they go too.