Secret Service Arrests Man At Disney’s Art Of Animation Resort On Suspicion Of Credit Card Fraud

Not everyone who goes to Walt Disney World is going with the best of intentions, and such is the case with a guest who was arrested for credit card fraud. Walt Disney World security became suspicious of a guest who was making an extreme amount of purchases and realized something wasn’t necessarily right. This ended with them calling in the Secret Service, resulting in the guest being arrested at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort on suspicion of credit card fraud.

The security team at Walt Disney World works diligently to keep guests protected and safe while at the parks and resorts. They will do what they can as long as it is within their power, but once something gets to be on a larger scale, they’re going to call in the big guns.

WFTV reported that Disney security noticed a number of transactions on a credit card that had been used to check into Disney’s Art of Animation Resort. After a guest named Fabio Valdarnini checked in for his two-week say, he began making excessive amounts of purchases at Disney Springs on the same card.

Walt Disney World security went to the Cars section of the resort to speak with the guest, but no one answered in his room. Upon entering the room, they located a large number of credit cards spread around and contacted the Secret Service.

secret service credit card fraud arrest walt disney world art of animation resort

Once the Secret Service agents arrived at the resort, they checked out the room and found much more than just the credit cards. Agents located close to $5,000 in fraudulent purchases made on the same card, which was used to check into the Art of Animation Resort.

As agents and investigators were looking through the room, four men from Brazil arrived. This was around the time that a card encoder and dozens of blank credit cards were found in luggage belonging to Fabio Valdarnini.

Valdarnini was arrested and is being held in the Orange County jail, but there has been no word on whether the other three men were arrested or charged.

This investigation is going to go on for a long time as it stretches much farther than the Art of Animation Resort at Walt Disney World. The Secret Service is checking to see where these men may have visited before heading to WDW and where they received the personal information on so many people. There could be a lot more victims, and it appears as if this goes much deeper than some Disney souvenirs and merchandise.