Carrie Underwood’s Facial Injury Reportedly ‘Healed Really Well’

Ever since Carrie Underwood confirmed on New Year’s Eve that she had 40 to 50 stitches in her face after falling on some steps outside her Tennessee home, fans have been speculating about how the star will look when she steps back into the spotlight. Though Underwood has remained pretty much under the radar ever since, sources are now revealing just how the mom of one is doing – and, fortunately, it sounds like she’s well and truly on the road to recovery.

According to an insider who spoke to Hollywood Life this week about the country superstar’s injury, the scars on her face have reportedly been healing up nicely over the past few weeks and are allegedly now almost unnoticeable around three months after her fall.

“The wound has actually healed really well, the doctor who stitched Carrie’s face up did a really amazing job,” claimed an insider, adding that “Carrie has been following all of the doctor’s advice” since undergoing the surgery last year, which is likely why her face has reportedly healed so well.

The source even went on to suggest that with a little bit of concealer to camouflage them, the scars caused by her November fall can now barely be seen – though there’s a chance that they may never fade away completely.

“With even the tiniest bit of concealer, you wouldn’t notice the scar,” the insider alleged but noted that Underwood is supposedly still having a bit of a hard time when it comes to looking in the mirror in the wake of her accident.

“It’s all Carrie can focus on when she looks in the mirror,” said the source. “The doctor has told Carrie that it could take up to two years to totally fade away, and he’s warned her that there’s a chance it may never completely disappear.”

Underwood hasn’t officially confirmed the latest report from the outlet, though she has been keeping fans updated on her recovery and seems to be doing much better over the past few weeks.

Though she’s still yet to officially unveil her face after the injury to the world (she’s only been photographed out once since it was reported that she fell outside her home), Carrie does seem to be getting back into the swing of everyday life.

Carrie Underwood face injury has "healed nicely," source claims

She tweeted this week that she was enjoying the Super Bowl after filming a very special opening segment featuring her collaboration with Ludacris, “The Champion,” which she wrote especially for the event, though the clip was actually filmed before her accident despite some viewer’s confusion.

Carrie’s also been more active on Instagram over the past few weeks, even sharing her workout playlist with the world inspired by her new song as well as sweet photos and videos showing her life at home with husband Mike Fisher and their almost 3-year-old son, Isaiah.

She also proved that she’s back out and about and able to drive despite breaking her wrist, as she joked about being pulled over for speeding just last week.

Underwood first confirmed that she’d suffered a fall in November, but didn’t reveal the true extent of her injuries until she wrote a very personal blog for her official fan club members on New Year’s Eve.

In the message, she confirmed that she had gotten 40 to 50 stitches to her face in addition to having metal inserted into her wrist to fix what appeared to be a pretty serious break.

However, the star remained positive despite her injuries and the year ahead.

Per a transcript provided by Variety, Underwood confirmed that her injuries wouldn’t be getting in the way of getting back to work. She told fans that she was heading into the studio to work on new music in January and added that she is “determined to make the new year incredible.”