‘Arrested Development’ Season Four May Be Precursor To Film

Arrested Development movie talks heating up

Now that the fourth season of Arrested Development is only a couple of months away, fans of the quirky comedy have yet another reason to celebrate: season four will set up an Arrested Development movie.

At TCA, star Jason Bateman said that the 14-episode fourth season is “basically just the first act that we hope to complete in a movie, which will be acts 2 and 3. The episodes will set that up, and one will not work without the other.”

However, Bateman was quick to add, “This will, however, provide a satisfying conclusion if for some unfortunate reason the movie doesn’t happen.”

Creator and executive producer Mitch Hurwitz went on to say that Arrested Development had initially been conceived as a film.

“We’d mapped this out as a movie and then worked backwards to do these shows,” Hurwitz said. “So it might not be a movie. It might be something else. I’d be happy with it as ColorForms at this point.”

As we have previously reported, all 14 episodes of the fourth season of Arrested Development will be available to subscribers in May. However, Hurwitz was careful to let fans know that the show won’t look the way it did when it first aired on Fox. The story will pick up seven years after the series first ended, and each episode will be centered on a specific character. Certain characters, like Michael and George, will have two episodes.

“The only way to get everyone together is to kind of dedicate each episode to a different character’s point of view,” Hurwitz said. “It became an interesting, engaging creative challenge…It’s kind of an evolution in the storytelling that was necessary.”

Are you excited for more Arrested Development?