Logan Paul's Comeback Starts With Tide Pod Eating Challenge And People Are Not Happy

Logan Paul is back from his sabbatical and people are not happy.

The last time Paul was in front of the public was just months ago when he posted a YouTube video of a forest in Japan where people are known to commit suicide. Paul received massive backlash after showing an actual footage of a real dead person who hung himself on a tree.

Paul then tried to revert his image back by creating an apology video, which earned millions of hits, yet again. Paul then said he did not mean to harm anybody and encouraged his fans to not be "stupid" about their actions.

There were people who believed him and tried to give him a second chance as they thought his time off the Internet would give him a new perspective. On the other hand, there are those who did not believe he would change and these are the people who are probably shaking their heads again as Logan Paul tries another schtick to gain new fans, according to Dextero.

Paul sent a tweet Monday saying he would eat one Tide pod per retweet. Though others see this as a joke, many believe this is way too insensitive for Paul to encourage his followers to join the Tide-pod-eating bandwagon.

Logan Paul kids he would eat one tide pod per retweet

Logan Paul's tide pod eating challenge
Logan Paul's tide pod eating challenge

Users are saying that his tweet, even though meant as a joke, did not invoke a comedic impact. In fact, Tide pod eating has now been an issue for Tide's parent company Procter & Gamble.

Kids and teens all over the United States have started the Tide pod eating challenge and, for some reason, more children are mimicking the challenge. For Paul, who has millions of teen followers, a note about this fad could potentially encourage more children to try this out.

According to Daily Mail, CEO David Taylor has already moved a campaign towards informing the masses of the consequences of eating a Tide pod. Multiple videos resurfaced online featuring teens trying to eat a Tide pod. Taylor advises everyone that the trend is extremely "dangerous" and people should not encourage others to do so.

"Let them know that their life and health matter more than clicks, views and likes," Taylor said as he called out to the public.

On the other hand, influencers like Paul continue to joke about Tide pod eating without accounting for the consequences.