'The Winds Of Winter' Possibly Sent To Publisher, George R.R. Martin To Announce Release Date In May

People who have been waiting for The Winds of Winter have made it a habit to check on George R.R. Martin's official Twitter account as they wait for updates on the sixth novel of A Song of Ice and Fire. Unfortunately, the author has been keeping fans in the dark when it comes to the release date of the highly anticipated book. But is it possible that Martin is simply waiting for the right time to spring the good news on his followers? Will Book 6 finally be available later this year?

There have been speculations that The Winds of Winter has already been completed and is ready for publication in late 2018. However, some believe that George R.R. Martin has only finished the first draft, which has been submitted to editors for proofreading. Others say that Martin's publisher Bantam Spectra already has the final copy and the release date is now being considered. Could an announcement finally make things official by summer?

George R.R. Martin's most recent tweet had little to do with The Winds of Winter. The writer once again announced that Bantam Spectra will be publishing his novella Nightflyers as an illustrated hardcover featuring artwork by David Palumbo. Interestingly, the hardcover will be released on May 29. The news immediately had fans wondering if Martin will have more good news after May.

Although it is possible that George R.R. Martin will finally provide an update by summer, fans are still wondering if The Winds of Winter release date will be set in 2018. Interestingly, the Bantam Spectra website confirms that the author will release a title on August 28. However, it is the paperback edition of Nightflyers, which will be made available much later than the hardcover and ebook editions. Nevertheless, many believe that this is the year that the sixth novel of Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire book series will finally be published.
Fans certainly have a valid reason for hoping The Winds of Winter will be available soon. Most people are hoping to have enough time to read Book 6 before the premiere of Game of Thrones Season 8, which will air on HBO in 2019.