NBA Trade Rumors: Chicago Bulls Remain Interested In Trading For Utah Jazz Guard Rodney Hood

Are the Chicago Bulls looking to trade for Utah Jazz guard Rodney Hood? Hood remains on the radar for the Bulls in the final days before the NBA trade deadline.

Despite wanting to rebuild the team through the NBA draft, the Chicago Bulls reportedly has interest in Rodney Hood, who can help them in the interim. NBA trade rumors are circulating, suggesting that the Bulls want to add Hood prior to Thursday's NBA trade deadline.

Less than a week after the Chicago Bulls sent Nikola Mirotic to the New Orleans Pelicans (courtesy of the Chicago Tribune), there are NBA trade rumors are suggesting they are not done. There are a couple of additional moves which the Bulls may do between now and Thursday. One of those trade rumors details what could be a shocking swap.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, the Chicago Bulls are one of three teams inquiring about Utah Jazz wing Rodney Hood. The Bulls join the Detroit Pistons and Oklahoma City Thunder as clubs that have an interest in making a trade for Hood.

Rodney Hood, the No. 23 pick in the 2014 NBA draft has had an uneven career thus far. Hood's tenure with the Utah Jazz has been marred by inconsistencies with his playing time.

Based on Rodney Hood's production for the season of 16.4 points and 2.9 rebounds a game, he should be a full-time starter in the NBA. Rodney Hood lost his starting job to rookie sensation Donovan Mitchell earlier in the season.

Under an ideal situation, Rodney Hood would not be on the trade market, however, the Utah Jazz has limited salary cap flexibility after the season. With Rodney Hood looking at restricted free agency in the summer, his cap hold alone would hurt the Jazz.

The Chicago Bulls are one of six NBA teams slated to be under the salary cap in July when NBA free agency begins. Because of this, the Bulls having an interest in Rodney Hood is sensible. The question becomes what would the Bulls have to give up in order to add Hood.

Depending on how the Utah Jazz views their playoff chances, they could look to add a veteran player. One of the Bulls' veterans is Robin Lopez, who does not fit what the Jazz need. The two Bulls' players whom the Jazz may covet are guards Justin Holiday and Jerian Grant.

Holiday and Grant are both on cap-friendly deals for the Bulls, with the latter in his third season of a rookie contract. Either of the two aforementioned Bulls' players could be used in a deal, along with a future second-round pick.

It would be a proposal with the Chicago Bulls offering the Utah Jazz some cap flexibility and a future asset. The Bulls could also get a third team involved in an effort for the Jazz to receive an additional piece in a potential trade. That third team could be the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Guard Tony Allen, one of the three players that the Chicago Bulls got in return for Nikola Mirotic is the center of ongoing trade discussions.

K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune is reporting that the Bulls and Thunder are negotiating a trade that would send Allen to Oklahoma City. No one expects the Bulls to get anything better than a second-round pick for Tony Allen, however, the Bulls could send the pick to the Jazz for Rodney Hood.

There is three-team trade which would work for the Bulls, Jazz and Thunder.

Tony Allen would land with a playoff team in the Thunder. The draft pick that the Bulls would receive for Allen would be sent to the Jazz, along with Jerian Grant and another second rounder. Rodney Hood would go to the Bulls. Each team gets something in return for the immediate or distant future.

The odds of the Bulls acquiring Rodney Hood could be favorable as long as they are comfortable with the possibility of paying him in the summer. What could also become a factor is the Bulls attempt to get to the salary cap floor.

As of now, the Chicago Bulls are $5.8 million below the designated amount which is 90 percent of the current salary cap. The Bulls will either have to add more salary or renounce their mid-level exception for this season. The player who the Bulls could add if they consummate another trade could be Utah Jazz guard Rodney Hood.

Rodney Hood is expected to be dealt prior to the NBA trade deadline. Hood's next team could be the Chicago Bulls.