'Celebrity Big Brother' Spoilers: First Nominees Revealed in Live Feeds Sneak Peek

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers reveal that it's been three days since the Live Feeds popped up for a scant 15-minute preview of the action in the Big Brother house. Tonight the feeds came on after a delay and CBB US feed watchers found out that it's likely that the first two celebs on the chopping block are James Maslow and Chuck Liddell but Mark McGrath has a target on his back. The live feeds showed Mark looking pretty salty storming around the kitchen after the Veto Competition. The veto comp was the spelling challenge that's a perennial Big Brother favorite.

Frustrated Fans Left With Purple Screens, Looped Music

CBS tweeted that the feeds would come up at 8:30 p.m. Eastern and those with feeds that saw the notice waited expectantly. But at half-past eight, there was no joy in the land of reality TV fandom. The feeds didn't go live as promised and five minutes before go time, CBS Big Brother tweeted that the "sneak peek is delayed" and told fans to sit tight and keep watching.

CBB US fans were chomping at the bit to see what was happening in the BB house and greeted the news that the feeds wouldn't go live at the appointed time with anger, bitter memes, and biting comments. Fan comments ranged from the mild "awe" to the frustrated, "You had one job" with a thumbs down emoji. Other amusing comments included, "You had to play us like that" and "Please hurry this music is annoying." One student fan tweeted, "I got homework to do either show it now or don't."

Feeds Finally Went Live - Botox And Brooding

When the feeds went live at 9 p.m. Eastern, Big Brother fans got their second glimpse into the CBB US house. The last sneak peek into the CBB US house showed a tantalizing glimpse of an all-ladies alliance brewing that included Omarosa Manigault, Marisa Jaret Winokur, and Shannon Elizabeth. Now it seems they are staying lady strong, and Ross Matthews has seemingly thrown in with them as well. As the feeds came up, Marisa and Ross were playing chess and talking strategy.

The pair were in the bar room and were looking at photos and talking about what might be on BB comp quizzes. In the mint bedroom, Ariadna and Omarosa were chatting, and then Brandi joined them. Careful listeners said they were discussing Botox but dropped the subject when Brandi came into the room. In the kitchen, Mark McGrath seemed to be brooding and James reportedly had to take a Benadryl due to an allergic reaction suffering while spelling. The ladies talked about Mark's behavior during the veto comp.

Shannon Won PoV Plus Female HoH

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers from the sneak peek, as recapped by Jokers Updates, hint that Mark is the target after his antics in the comp. Apparently, he was calling out the women, accusing them of cheating and that has the women talking about pulling Chuck off the block and backdooring Mark. They reiterated that Shannon Elizabeth won the first CBB US PoV although the camera angle on the kitchen feed didn't show a glimpse of the medallion if she was even wearing it. Shannon was busy cooking so might not have had it on at all.

What's not clear is which of the ladies had HoH. It might be either Shannon or Keshia judging by the conversations but either way, definitely one of the women. The feeds went down again after 15 minutes but definitely offered some insights into what's happening in the CBB house on day six. To summarize - James and Chuck are on the chopping block, the guys seem upset, the women (and Ross) are confident in their control, and the week one target for eviction is Sugar Ray's Mark McGrath via backdoor.

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