February 5, 2018
Lizzie Rovsek Has Separated From Her Husband But He Hacked Her Instagram Account To Win Her Back

Lizzie Rovsek announced a few weeks back that she was leaving her husband, Christian, behind after years of marriage. Lizzie didn't provide a reason for the separation, but it has been a few years since the two filmed The Real Housewives of Orange County together. While filming the show, Rovsek revealed that her husband really wanted more children but she wanted to work on her swimwear line. Perhaps they are divorcing because they can't agree on how to move forward together. While Lizzie may be happy with her decision to leave Christian behind, it sounds like he's willing to fight for her.

According to a new Instagram post, Lizzie Rovsek's estranged husband stole her device with her Instagram app. A few days ago, he posted a photo of them together on her Instagram account, revealing that he had stolen her phone. In the post, he also writes that he has wanted Lizzie since they first met and that she's all he ever wants. It sounds like he's nowhere near in agreement with the separation. It has been a few weeks since they first split up, and it sounds like he's not ready for their marriage to be over. Instead, he wants to win her back.

When Lizzie Rovsek returned to her Instagram account, the photo didn't disappear. Instead, she kept it up. It's possible that she hasn't even seen the post, even though people commented on his pleas to get her back. In fact, as of this writing, 567 people have written comments on the post. That amount of comments would be hard to ignore. Since Rovsek no longer lives in the public eye, it's possible she won't open up about why their marriage has come to an end. Christian didn't say anything on social media either, but fans speculate that cheating is not a factor. If cheating was an issue, it's possible Lizzie wouldn't keep Christian's post on her Instagram account. No word on whether his Instagram hacked got him the attention he had hoped for.

Lizzie Rovsek has no plans of opening up about her failed marriage. It sounds like she's focusing on her career and her two sons.