Melania Trump Endures Awkward Encounter With ‘Scantily-Clad’ Cheerleaders, Claim Reports

The Trump Super Bowl Party was on again this year and the pictures coming out of the big day show Melania and Donald Trump in some “awkward” moments especially when it came to the greeting they received from scantily-clad college cheerleaders. The President and the First Lady watched these women do their cheers and when it was done, Donald Trump walked over to the pom-pom waving ladies and said his hellos in a receiving-line fashion.

While Trump said his hellos, Melania “stayed put” and she didn’t move an inch from where she and Donald Trump watched the cheerleaders from afar. Dressed in a jacket that sported the colors associated with the New England Patriots Melania remained on the sidelines. As she stood alone, the cheerleaders in their pink hot-pants and bikini-like tops giggled and smiled for the President’s meet and greet.

As the Daily Mail reported, “While her husband made his way through the squad, Melania chose to remain on the sidelines,” on the lawn of their Mar-A-Lago estate. When Melania first laid eyes on the “scantily-clad cheerleaders at their Super Bowl Party,” she appeared “stunned,” according to the Daily Mail. It looked as if she didn’t expect such a spectacle waiting for the first couple as they walked outside their Florida home.

The Daily Mail described one picture as Melania standing in “disbelief” as her husband flashed the cheerleaders the “thumbs up.” Hollywood Life went even further with their description of the photo with Trump’s thumb up in the air by suggesting the look on the First Lady’s face was Melania “shooting daggers” with her eyes.

You can check out Donald and Melania’s private cheerleading show and their reactions to it all in the video clip posted below.

Social media picked up on Melania Trump’s facial expressions and the fact that she didn’t saunter over to the cheerleaders by her husband’s side. The folks online had a field day with this after seeing Melania’s reaction, with some asking why those college-aged cheerleaders needed to be at this party.

It is not as if they were part of one of the NFL teams that played in the Super Bowl, but for whatever reason, they were part of the celebration. This sparked comments online like the ones listed below. They were found in a search for “Melania Trump Cheerleaders” on Twitter. Many commented on Trump leaving Melania in the background as he walked across the lawn to meet the college cheerleaders. One of those tweets is posted below as an example, followed by others who described what they saw in the pictures of this cheerleader meet and greet.