Melania Trump Refuses To Hold Donald’s Hand Again: Watch Video Of Awkward Moment As Trumps Leave White House

First Lady Melania Trump and President Donald Trump had another awkward moment leaving the White House on Monday, February 5. As seen in the attached NBC News video, Melania appears to hide her right hand beneath her yellow coat, which was worn like a cape over her shoulders, as reported by the Inquisitr, as Donald reached for her hand. Twitter users mentioning “Melania hand” are soaking up close-up photos of the incident, with body language between the Trumps being interpreted as severely awkward.

The NBC News video shows Donald appearing to reach for Melania’s hand several times, with one awkward moment showing Trump stopping suddenly, causing Melania to change directions, with the president placing his hand on his wife’s stomach instead. Melania continued to walk, and Trump placed his hand on her back and placed his arm around her, with the president patting his wife’s back several times. However, social media users are noting that Melania did not appear to reach out to touch her husband during the strange exchange.

As reported by Addicting Info, the body language between Melania and Donald did not go unnoticed by those paying close attention to the first couple as they walked to Marine One en route to Ohio.

Some of the comments flowing into Twitter about the interaction include those noting how Melania holds her purse in the hand that is at times closest to Trump’s hand, allegedly in order to avoid holding her husband’s hand.

Plenty of commentators on Twitter are blaming the manner in which Melania has been wearing her coat as a cape as a move that is simply not a fashion statement but a way to shield her hand from holding her husband’s hand. Even Trump’s supporters are publishing tweets on Twitter that are advising him to try and hold Melania’s hand as she ascends or descends the stairs of Air Force One and Marine One, especially due to the tall heels the first lady tends to favor.

A sampling of the comments flowing into Twitter about the hand-holding situation between Donald and Melania can be read below.

Some of the comments list the variety of reasons that the individuals believe Melania allegedly avoided holding Trump’s hand.

“Melania dodged Trump’s attempts to hold her hand, wasn’t able to dodge the ‘I didn’t cheat’ arm drape.”

“Trump tried to hold Melania’s hand but is once again rejected. Seems she wore that coat specifically to avoid contact. And who can blame her?”

“Melania simply doesn’t want to hold this man’s hand (who can blame her). It’s clear and obvious and not the first time. She’s trapped!! Poor woman, she knows she can’t leave him, separate or divorce him even if she wants. A person who marries for money usually earns every penny.”

“Good move by Melania (letting the coat rest on her shoulders, so he couldn’t grab her hand with his tiny fingers!)”

“Pres Trump, it would be so nice to see you take Melania’s hand when ascending or descending stairs on AF1 and including her when greeting people so she receives deserved respect. She’s a great FLOTUS and so elegant. MAGA.”