‘Voltron’ Season 6 Release Date On Netflix: ‘Voltron: Legendary Defender’ Sequel Confirmed For 2018, Not 2019

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The Voltron: Legendary Defender Season 6 release date is only about nine million ticks away based on the announcement made in the final episode of Season 5. The premiere date for the fifth season of Netflix’s Voltron TV show was set for March 2, 2018, but it turns out fans probably won’t have to wait until 2019 to watch new Voltron episodes. What’s more, a popular fan theory is claiming that there will be a big plot twist involving Shiro.

Although Netflix did not make a PR statement about the fifth season, all of the official social media accounts have been blasting the message. The show features the voices of Steven Yeun (Keith), Jeremy Shada (Lance), Bex Taylor-Klaus (Pidge), Josh Keaton (Shiro), Tyler Labine (Hunk), Kimberly Brooks (Princess Allura), Neil Kaplan (Zarkon), and AJ Locascio (Prince Lotor) and they have been making the announcement using their respective characters.

For example, the Voltron Instagram account shows Lance being ticked that he has to wait for 2,592,000 ticks until the next season (that’s a month in seconds). And who can forget Coran Hieronymus Wimbleton Smythe! Coran voice actor Rhys Darby added his usual comedic twist by posting a picture that showed Coran dressed like a Gurren Lagann anime character.

“Prepare to get more gorgeous!” Darby tweeted. “Voltron returns March 2.”


No word on whether the Voltron lions will earn a drill that will pierce the heavens (think of the Voltron toys!), but co-executive producer Lauren Montgomery has confirmed that new Voltron seasons will be shorter from here on out.

“The idea is to get you more Voltron more often,” Montgomery explained. “It’s in smaller doses, but you’ll see it more.”

Studio Mir director Joaquim Dos Santos said in 2017 that the new episode model came from executive level meetings at Dreamworks. At first, the showrunners at Studio Mir were not thrilled with the idea, but Dos Santos believes the new episode release schedule “makes sense in this instance” because there is a “big serialized story” for Voltron: Legendary Defender and they can map out their story ideas freely.

“We haven’t had to change course during the course of this series,” he said. “So we’ve been lucky in that way, that they’ve been totally accepting of doing a serialized storyline.”

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The paladins of Voltron will be having an interesting "discussion" starting with 'Voltron' Season 5.Featured image credit: Studio MirNetflix

Voltron: Legendary Defender Season 6 Release Date: New Episodes Won’t Wait Until 2019

Netflix has announced that the Voltron Season 6 release date is scheduled for June 15, 2018. What’s more, there can be reasonable speculation about the Voltron: Legendary Defender Season 7 release date.

There are several facts that can be taken for granted. New Voltron seasons have always launched on a Friday, so it’s safe to assume that premiere timeframe will stay the same. Studio Mir has promised to produce at least 78 episodes for the entire TV series. Since the number of episodes for the fifth season was six, the story is up to 45 episodes, which is almost two-thirds of the entire story. That would make Voltron Season 6 only seven episodes, ending with episode 52. That leaves 26 episodes; or four more mini-seasons.

The delay between the third and fourth season was only 10 weeks, but the delay for Voltron Season 6 was 15 weeks. Keep in mind, those initial shorter seasons were initially planned as a single 13-episode season only to be split up later. The wait for the second season was 32 weeks, while the third season wait was 28 weeks. However, there is only a 20-week time gap between seasons four and five.

Assuming this pattern continues into the future, Voltron Season 7 could come out around November of 2018. Another 10 weeks brings us to early January of 2019, which would make Voltron Season 8 a New Years gift from Netflix. However, it’s possible the next set of split seasons could be 15 weeks apart again, meaning that the eighth season would premiere in February of 2019.

If that’s the plan that Studio Mir has in mind, then the final ending for Voltron: Legendary Defender will be released in 2019 as part of Voltron Season 10. If the series continues to be popular, Netflix may want to drag it out a little bit more. Considering that a live-action Voltron movie is already in the works, perhaps fans might hope to watch an animated Voltron: Legendary Defender movie for the grand finale?

Voltron Lotor
Zarkon's son, Prince Lotor.Featured image credit: Studio MirNetflix

Voltron Season 6 Predictions: Will Prince Lotor Or Shiro Betray The Voltron Characters?

The Paladins of Voltron will be having an interesting “discussion” starting with Voltron Season 5. At the end of the fourth act, it all but seemed certain that Team Voltron would perish in the planet bomb blast, but Prince Lotor came to the rescue and prevented Keith from making his kamikaze suicide run. Now, it seems likely the rogue prince will offer to make an alliance with the Paladins since his parents, Zarkon and Hagar, have already declared their son a traitor and Lotor’s generals have deserted him.

“I think this is going to be a real change for the Paladins. This is something they have not faced before. I feel like the training wheels are off now. They are going to have to deal with someone on a much more psychological level,” said Lotor voice actor AJ Locascio when his character was introduced, according to Good Men Project. “Everything is thrown off. This is a very intense season. It brings everything to a whole nother level that we haven’t seen them face before. The show is already incredible but plussing it like this, it’s perfection.”

But is Prince Lotor trustworthy? That’s one of the themes being promoted by the official Voltron Instagram page, with one post asking, “Friend or foe? Should the paladins trust Lotor? Would you?!” There is also a poll where fans can chime in with their opinion.

While an alliance makes sense, what the Paladins don’t realize is that Lotor has been scheming to reopen the gate to the alternate universe of infinite Quintessence ever since he ran out of ore made from the trans-dimensional comet. While Zarkon is obsessed with reclaiming control of Voltron, his son might desire to control Voltron for the sake of opening the portal on the former Galra homeworld. It’s possible Lotor’s end game is to create his own version of Voltron.

Unfortunately, having Prince Lotor betray the Paladins seems like a very predictable conclusion to this story arc. Instead, Lotor could form forced friendships only to find himself drawn into their comradery. Then, a conflict makes him choose between his grand scheme or his growing fondness for his new teammates. Since that’s also a predictable story, the plot twist could be that Lotor saves the team yet again when Shiro does the betraying!

A popular fan theory has pointed out that the appearance of Shiro has changed over time. It could simply be an art style shift, but some believe it’s an indication that the Galra replaced Shiro with a clone as part of Operation Kuron. One version of this theory holds that the real Shiro is controlling this clone body remotely ever since he was rescued again in the third season. After all, Hunk pointed out in the second season that Shiro’s Galra arm could manipulate memories since it has direct access to his brain.

But that’s just one version of the fan theory. It’s also possible that the Shiro will simply be controlled via his arm when Operation Kuron is implemented. Or it’s possible there will be multiple Shiro’s and the Paladins are uncertain which one is the “real” Shiro.

Even if that fan theory is true, another possibility is that Sven, the alternate reality counterpart of Shiro, will play some role. Shortly before the fifth season’s release date was announced, the official Voltron Instagram page asked, “Would you want an alternate reality alter-ego? #Sven #Shiro”

Whatever the case may be, Voltron Season 5 will definitely focus on the uneasy alliance with Prince Lotor. Voltron Season 6 will either introduce a conflict, a conspiracy or throw yet another plot twist into the mix. Audiences will just have to wait until the Voltron: Legendary Defender Season 6 release date on Netflix to find out!

[Update March 2, 2018] Added official release date for Voltron Season 6. Adjusted future season release date predictions based on new information. Story predictions remain as originally published, but will be updated soon.