'General Hospital' Star Kirsten Storms Talks Ryan Paevey Departure, What's Next For Maxie Jones [Spoilers]

General Hospital spoilers tease that the week of February 5 will be a rough one for fans of "Naxie," the characters of Nathan West and Maxie Jones. Ryan Paevey has decided to leave GH and his role of Nathan, and now actress Kirsten Storms is connecting with fans to share her thoughts about the heartbreaking storyline.

Kirsten Storms opened up about this difficult General Hospital storyline via a Facebook live video on her page. She answered quite a few fan questions and provided some great insight into how the current storyline has gone for the GH actors. Kirsten said that this has been both sad and challenging to play, but that she's also had a lot of fun with it as well.

Storms noted that she has been in touch with Ryan Paevey as these heartbreaking General Hospital episodes have aired. She says that the two have both been pleased with how the scenes revolving around Nathan's death have gone as well as with how the fans have reacted to it all. In fact, Kirsten has been wearing a necklace that Ryan made for her, and it's clear that the two have forged a special relationship throughout their time working together.

Some General Hospital fans had theorized that Paevey wanted to leave in part because he didn't want to continue to work with Storms. However, he was quick to dismiss that chatter via his Twitter page as Nathan's death aired. From the looks of Kirsten's video, she misses working with Ryan a great deal.

A fair number of General Hospital viewers are speculating that Nathan will be back and that perhaps his death was faked to keep him safe. Paevey has said that he is gone for now and Storms said that it is a soap opera, so you never know if Maxie and Nathan will be reunited somehow.

The General Hospital actress said that she was sad to learn that the writers would be killing off Nathan, but she is interested to see how Maxie handles this big loss, and she teases that there is really great stuff coming up over the next few weeks. Kirsten notes Maxie's journey through this won't be over anytime soon and that the character won't be getting over Nathan's death quickly.

Viewers are already speculating about who Maxie will be paired up with next romantically, but Storms dismisses both Spinelli and Jason as possibilities for now. While Kirsten acknowledges that you never know what might happen when it comes to General Hospital and the writers, she sees Maxie's relationship with Spinelli as a true friendship now and she likes that dynamic.

As for Jason, Kirsten says that she sees Jason as more of a big brother figure to Maxie and doesn't see a romance there, though again, one never knows. Storms did laugh when one follower brought up an old storyline involving these two General Hospital characters, noting that she loves any opportunity she gets to work with Steve Burton and drive him crazy.


Kirsten adds that she thinks that Ryan's decision to leave General Hospital came after the writers had decided to make Maxie pregnant. Storms doesn't think that the intention with the pregnancy storyline was to have Maxie end up alone and that it's simply an issue of how the timing worked out.

Some viewers worry that Nelle will try to steal Maxie's baby, and Storms laughs as this possibility is mentioned during her General Hospital fan chat. Kirsten notes that the actress who plays Nelle, Chloe Lanier, is super sweet and says that she loves working with her. While Nelle is surely up to something with her pregnancy, at this point, fans hope that Maxie's pregnancy will stay separate from Nelle's baby drama.

This storyline revolving around Nathan West's death and Maxie Jones' heartbreak has had General Hospital fans bawling, and it sounds as if people should keep the tissues handy for the episodes ahead. Spoilers tease that there are plenty of emotional moments on the way, and based on what both Kirsten Storms and Ryan Paevey have said, the Naxie story may not be fully finished quite yet.