An Ohio Dad Cut Off His Daughter's Hair As Punishment For Her Getting Highlights, Mom Claims

An Ohio man and his wife have both found themselves in trouble with their jobs, possibly the law, and certainly the entire internet, after they allegedly cut off the man's teenage daughter's hair because he was enraged that she got highlights, MSN is reporting.

Christin Johnson is the mother of 13-year-old Kelsey, who just celebrated her milestone birthday last week. To celebrate officially being a teenager, Kelsey wanted something that wouldn't be out of character for a young lady her age: she wanted highlights in her long, brown hair. Mom Christin didn't find that request all that particularly unreasonable, so she and her daughter went to a nearby salon for a day of pampering.

After the highlights, Christin dropped off Kelsey at her father and stepmother's house for a weekend visit, and that's where things went wrong. As of this writing, the father's side of this story has not been made public, but it appears from Christin's version of events, Kelsey's father and stepmother did not approve of the young lass' hairstyle. In order to punish her for getting the highlights, Christin says the father and stepmother chopped off the young lady's hair, telling her "actions have consequences."

She returned from her weekend visit with her father with her hair crudely chopped into a pixie cut. It's not clear, as of this writing, if Kelsey was taken to a stylist or if her father and stepmother allegedly did it themselves.

"This is what my daughter looked like Sunday when I took her home and the other two pics is what happened today before she was brought to me... all over me having highlights put in her hair for her birthday!"

Even worse, some highlights remain, and the father and stepmother have promised to chop those off, too, once the hair grows back.

As mentioned in a previous paragraph, neither the father nor the stepmother (identified by Rare as Schaffen Frederick and Sara Murray) have given their side of the story, or if they have, it hasn't been published by a reputable publication. Similarly, a Facebook page belonging to a Schaffen Frederick of Fostoria, Ohio, whose user claims to be married to Sarah Murray, makes no mention of Christin, Kelsey, or her hair.

Fortunately for Kelsey, Lady Jane's on Glendale in Toledo, Ohio, was able to hook up Kelsey with a wig while her hair grows back.

So is what Kelsey's father and stepmother did an act of child abuse? At this point, it's premature to say (and again, neither her father nor her stepmother have given their side of the story). The words "child abuse" and "emotional abuse" are coming up in the comments of Christin's story, however.

What's more, it appears that authorities in Ohio have taken an interest in this case. Wood County Job and Family Services has opened up an investigation. Further, Schaffen and Sarah are both firefighters, and both have been suspended from their jobs and placed on administrative leave.