Jenelle Evans Shares Photo Of Kaiser Clinging Onto David Eason: Fans Gushing Over Their Relationship Now

Jenelle Evans didn't say much when Teen Mom 2 fans accused her of ignoring David Eason's aggressive behavior with her son, Kaiser. On the previous season of the show, Jenelle and David were taking photos for their "save the date" cards for their wedding. When Kaiser screamed and yelled that he was hungry, David grabbed him by the arm and dragged him away from the photo shoot. Fans were furious and David quickly got a reputation for being abusive. When Nathan Griffith saw David grabbing his son, he was furious. However, Jenelle ignored fans' comments about David and continued to let him parent Kaiser.

It has been a few months since the incident and Jenelle married David back in September. According to a new Instagram photo, Jenelle Evans is now posting a photo of Kaiser and David to let fans know that they have a great relationship. In the photo, Jace is leaning on Kaiser, and Kaiser is clinging to David. It appears that both boys are actually very happy with Eason and they feel comfortable being in his company. It's interesting that she's choosing to share a photo of them together, especially since David has been abused of being aggressive and abusive with the little boy.

About 6 months ago, people asked Jenelle Evans to leave David behind because he had grabbed her son in an aggressive manner. However, now that Evans has kept a low profile, fans are happy to see Kaiser and Eason bonding. In the photo, David is playing Xbox and it looks like the boys are watching him play. Perhaps they want to play with him, providing them another way to bond. Jenelle is convinced that David is the right guy for her and her children. They have one daughter together, who just turned one. Evans has revealed she has no desire to have any more kids, even though some people claim she's sporting a baby bump in recent photos.

Jenelle Evans could be filming the newest season of Teen Mom 2. She has threatened to leave the show, but she could be filming the newest season in hopes of providing people with a positive glimpse into her life.