Tyler Baltierra Continues To Deny Cheating Allegations After New Photos Surface From Concert

Tyler Baltierra has been with Catelynn Lowell since they were just teenagers, and they pride themselves on being a loving couple. They married a few years ago and have a strong bond, partially due to the fact that they gave up their first-born daughter, Carly, for adoption and relied on each other to move on emotionally. They currently have a daughter, Nova, and Tyler is currently taking care of their little girl as Catelynn has gone to treatment for her depression. While they are trying to get pregnant, it sounds like Catelynn's postpartum depression may be surfacing again.

While these two are dealing with treatment and depression issues, it sounds like some people really want to catch Tyler cheating. For the past week, Baltierra has continuously denied cheating on Catelynn while she's in treatment. For some reason, people are convinced that he's not as honest as he claims. According to a new tweet, Tyler Baltierra is now revealing that people are overreacting in regard to the cheating rumors. This week, photos surfaced of Tyler at a concert, and people are asking him to clarify why he was seen speaking to another person. The photos are blurry, but Baltierra denies talking to another woman.

"Omg are you people serious!? Caught doing what? Talking to a 50-year-old grandma who is a fan of the show? Yeah I guess I'm 'busted' lol you people just refuse to believe in a faithful relationship. Just because you have never experienced one, doesn't mean it's not real," Tyler Baltierra replied to a fan, who wrote a tweet to him, revealing he had been busted.

It's possible that Tyler is telling the truth and not lying about his whereabouts. Baltierra never denied not being at the concert, and he reveals that he was talking to a grandmother at the show. It's clear that he wants people to know that he's not cheating on Catelynn and wants to be faithful to her. He is often declaring his love for her, so it seems absurd that he would cheat on her. The photos merely show him speaking to another person, and he should be allowed to speak to other people, especially if fans are coming up to him and asking him for photos.

Tyler Baltierra is currently at home with Nova, while Catelynn is in treatment for depression. No word on whether she has heard the cheating rumors, but she may trust Tyler more than any story about him online.