Beth Holloway Sues Oxygen Network Over The Natalee Holloway Docu-Series, Calls It A 'Farce'

Natalee Holloway disappeared almost 13 years ago during her senior trip to Aruba. Beth Holloway has been left with pieces of what may have happened to her daughter, but no real answers. There was never a body found; Holloway just simply vanished. The main suspect in her murder was let loose and ended up murdering someone else. Joran van der Sloot has yet to confess to the murder of Natalee, though there are plenty of people who believe he had something to do with her disappearance at the very least.

Last year, Beth Holloway alleges she submitted a DNA sample so that the Oxygen network could run it against human remains they found in Aruba believed to be from a woman. Of course, she provided the sample in hopes that, at the very least, Natalee could be identified so they could confirm her death. The series followed Natalee's father and his private investigator through Aruba in an attempt to find out what happened to Holloway. Unfortunately, there was very little information given, and the four bones that were found were all from an animal except one. It was not a match for Beth's mitochondrial DNA.

According to TMZ, Beth Holloway is suing Oxygen claiming she was duped about what was actually happening. Had she known the truth about the bones, she would have never submitted her own DNA to help with the show. In fact, Holloway is also suing on behalf of Natalee. This is something she is not going to back down on, especially because of the outcome of the show. Beth called it a "pre-planned farce," which has been similar to what viewers had said about it while it was airing.

The Oxygen network allegedly preyed on Natalee Holloway's parents in hopes that they would be willing to do the show. It brought in money from advertising and viewership, but it provided no new answers to her parents. Instead, it drudged up old wounds and false hope that the body of Natalee would be found, and what happened to her would be known. Beth Holloway isn't going to let this one go, especially after allegedly being duped by the network.