Videos: Kevin Hart’s Tipsy Instagram Confession – Admits Wife Was Right After Kicked Off NFL Network And Stage

Kevin Hart admitted on Instagram that he got a bit carried away in his celebrations as a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles. As seen in the below videos, Hart was first seen crashing the live set of the NFL show GameDay Prime, dropping an F-bomb and admitting that he had been drinking alcohol. After Kevin spoke about the Eagles “giving a f***,” he was kicked off of the stage by the co-hosts during the first Super Bowl victory of his favorite NFL team.

Hart was also stopped from mounting the stage during the Super Bowl trophy presentation. As reported by Yahoo, former NFL player Darrell Green was spotted giving Kevin a little shove out of the way as he carried the Lombardi Trophy up to the stage. Hart said on Instagram that although Green and security recognized Kevin, that didn’t stop them from stopping Hart’s attempt to climb the stage and celebrate with the football players.

Kevin posted a video on his Instagram page, warning children not to drink. Hart also claimed that his wife had warned him not to attempt to take such a prominent place on the stage. Hart’s NFL Network crashing video segment can be viewed below. Hart told viewers that “when alcohol is your system, you do dumb stuff. Me trying to go on stage with the trophy is definitely in the top two stupidest things I’ve ever done.”

Hart’s excitement has been called understandable after the Eagles long-awaited win on Sunday, after beating the New England Patriots 41 to 33.

“My wife was the first one to say ‘Babe, don’t go up there.’ I said, ‘Chill out, I gotta be up there with my city.’”

Hart joked about drinking too much, but also celebrated the win of his favorite team, even while quipping about what a firm hand a guard had placed upon him in order to stop him from getting near the Lombardi Trophy onstage with other NFL players.

Warning: The below video with Hart dropping the f-word live on air may contain language that is offensive to some viewers.

Hart joked that the man who stopped him from mounting the stage “did his job.”