Paul Simon Joins List Of ‘Retiring’ Musicians, Will Stop Touring After Scheduled Shows

Much to the dismay of many of his fans, 76-year-old Paul Simon has announced that his upcoming tour will be his last.

In a tweet earlier today, the singer let fans know that he was going to retire from touring. With a mix of emotions, including feeling unsettled, relieved, and exhilarated, Simon confessed that he has reached a point in his career where it feels like it is time to stop going on tour.

The legendary singer goes on to write that his voice and his band is still incredibly strong, and that isn’t the reason why he has chosen to end his touring career. Along with losing his guitarist and friend, Vincent N’guini, in December, Paul confessed that the traveling and time away from his family has taken a toll him, even taking the “joy” out of playing music.

Not surprisingly, Paul thanked all of his loyal fans for following him on his musical journey. And luckily, Simon says that he still looks forward to doing the “occasional” performance after his retirement from touring. And further proving what a nice guy he appears to be, Simon also tells fans that proceeds from any concert after his tour will be donated to charities, specifically those that focus on saving the planet.

Within two hours of the tweet, Simon’s news has already taken Twitter by storm, earning over 2,000 favorites, 900 retweets, and over 140 comments. Many fans who commented on the tweet thanked Paul for dedicating his life to making awesome music.

“You’re a national treasure!”

“I’ve been a major fan since 1971. I only hope that you continue to write and record new studio albums. Thank you for all the decades of unique, meaningful & amazing music & lyrics!” another fan wrote.

According to Today, Simon has been involved in music since 1950, getting his start with friend Art Garfunkel and eventually evolving into Simon and Garfunkel. Their hits, including “The Sound of Silence” and “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” will forever be remembered by their loyal fans. When he went solo in the 1970s, Simon had many hits of his own, including “Graceland.”

As music fans know, Paul is not the only performer to announce his retirement over the past few months. According the Vulture, Elton John will stop touring in 2021 to spend more time with family. Neil Diamond will also stop touring in March after his diagnosis with Parkinson’s disease.

If you’d like to see Paul Simon one more time in person, you can check his schedule of shows for this coming summer.