February 5, 2018
Amber Portwood On Break From Social Media As Rumors Surface That Andrew Glennon Isn't The Father

Amber Portwood announced that she would be taking a break from social media a few weeks back, as she wanted to focus on her pregnancy and have a stress-free life as she carries this baby to term. Amber then revealed that she had gone off her bipolar medication and would be going through this pregnancy without any assisted medication. Some people thought she was crazy to even try this, but she seemed to think she had control over the situation. But as she withdraws from social media, Teen Mom OG viewers are digging into Andrew Glennon's past. And it sounds like they have reason to believe that Andrew may not be the father of the child.

Some viewers are calling for Andrew to take a DNA test when the baby is born. As outrageous as it seems, it appears that Amber may have broken up with Andrew when she learned about his restraining orders. This supposedly happened around the time she got pregnant. According to a new tweet, Amber Portwood is now being questioned as viewers believe that she may have slept with another man during their brief breakup. This wasn't featured on Teen Mom OG, which means it is complete speculation.

"Oh Amber... Looks like we have a due date of May 13th for Amber's baby which puts date of conception some time in late August. They had already broken up when Andrew gave an interview to Radar on September 1st. Congratulations, mystery man. You might be the father!" one person wrote on Twitter, adding later, "You can say that again. And this guy does not take breakups well. He will destroy what's left of her life once their relationship reaches toxic status. He already sold one interview after they broke up. He will be spilling gallons of tea after he takes that baby and goes for CS."

The Twitter user is referring to an old report about Andrew Glennon, where he did an interview with Radar Online. In the interview, he explains the restraining orders he has from previous ex-girlfriends. It seems like some of the information dug up by Teen Mom OG viewers is correct, but Amber has yet to reveal her due date. She learned she was pregnant in September while on vacation in Hawaii. The two had been dating for about three months. If she learned she was pregnant in September, it's possible she got pregnant in August. It's also possible that she didn't know she was with child when she and Andrew supposedly broke up. These days, Amber is living in Indiana with Glennon, as they enjoy the pregnancy journey together. This is Andrew's first child and he appeared excited about the news when he talked about the baby and the pregnancy on Teen Mom OG this past week.

Amber Portwood is currently wrapping up this season of Teen Mom OG. No word on how this baby will be featured in the upcoming season of the show or how she's planning on coping herself, as she was depressed and anxious when her daughter Leah was born. It's possible that she will experience postpartum depression with her son as she has already struggled with this kind of depression before.