February 5, 2018
Maci Bookout May Be Working As A Social Media Manager: 'Teen Mom OG' Star Is Often Criticized Over Her Posts

Maci Bookout has been working hard on her business, Things That Matter, a t-shirt company owned by her and her husband, Taylor McKinney. When Taylor met Maci, he told her that he always wanted his own t-shirt company, and he asked her to help him out with it. Within a few years, Maci and Taylor had purchased a t-shirt company from Los Angeles and had grown it to be a full-time business for themselves. As it turns out, Bookout worked in the business for a long time, doing lots of the website work. However, Maci wanted out of the business to focus on her own career.

It sounds like Maci stayed in the social media world, as she recently told Chelsea DeBoer's father, Randy Houska, that she knows someone who is doing social media and could help him out. According to a new tweet, Maci Bookout added some emojis to the tweet, hinting that she was talking about herself. It's possible that she's been working on her social media business while filming Teen Mom OG and is something she's never really mentioned on the show. For years, she's talked about doing something in media and communications, so it wouldn't be a big surprise if she had started her own social media business.

It also sounds like she's trying to get Randy as a client. It's interesting that she's promoting social media services, considering Bookout is often criticized for her own social media posts. On her own pages, she's often posting sponsored ads, including posts and advertisements that encourage her many Teen Mom OG fans to buy products. She recently shared one about sunglasses. Perhaps Bookout is putting more thought into her clients' social media posts than her own if she is indeed running a social media business. Randy Houska did consider a more local business based on his tweets with another company.

Maci Bookout is currently wrapping up this season of Teen Mom OG, which has been an emotional one for her. She's dealing with parenting issues when it comes to Ryan Edwards, as she doesn't think that he's necessarily sober. Teen Mom OG airs on MTV on Monday nights.