These Seven Things Would Happen To The Earth If Humans Suddenly Disappeared


What would happen to Earth if humans suddenly vanished? The reason why they disappeared is not important. Just suppose that all the sudden, every human being on earth suddenly vanished. According to Science Natural Page on Facebook, seven things would happen if people disappeared.

Lights Would Go Out

Within a few hours, the lights would go out. Without anyone working at the power companies, the power would suddenly go out. It would affect the whole Earth. It might take 24 hours for the entire world to lose electricity.

Pets And Livestock Would Die

Within 10 days, pets and farm animals would die. They wouldn’t have their owners feeding and giving them water. A few of the pets may survive if they could master hunting and gathering their own food.

Even if the household dogs do survive, it’s likely they would not last long. Within three weeks, bigger dogs would prey upon smaller dogs as food. It wouldn’t take them long to wipe out all small to medium dogs, leaving only larger canines.

A Massive Explosion

A month later, cooling water at the nuclear plants would evaporate, which would lead to a series of explosions much “stronger than the Fukushima and Chernobyl disasters.” The animals that were still alive at this point could end up perishing during the blast.

Livestock would die within two weeks
Featured image credit: S CurtisShutterstock

Satellites Would Crash

A year after humans disappeared, the sky would light up as the thousands of satellites and other spacecraft NASA has put in the Earth’s orbit would come crashing down.

Cities and Towns Would Disappear

A quarter of a century after man’s disappearance, three-fourths of the planet’s paved roads and sidewalks would be covered in vegetation. Sand would cover many cities.

Bridges And Monuments Would Crumble

After 300 years, mental constructions like the Eiffel Tower and other monuments would crumble. Bridges would start to break down with any humans to care for them.

Swamps Would Reappear

Swamps would return and cover large parts of the world. After 10,000 years, the only evidence that human lived on Earth would be the stone constructions like Mount Rushmore, China’s Great Wall, and Egyptian pyramids.

It’s scary thinking about what would happen to the Earth if humans suddenly vanished. It’s clear that it would not be a good thing.