Trump White House Boycott: Some Eagles Players Refuse To Visit After Super Bowl Win

Paula Mooney

In years past, NFL players who won the Super Bowl often looked forward to visiting the White House as a reward without controversy. However, with President Donald Trump at the helm, controversy has followed in the wake of the Philadelphia Eagles' long-awaited win. Thus far, the list of Eagles players who say they don't plan on attending a celebration at Trump's White House is growing.

Thus far, Eagles defensive end Chris Long has reported that he is not going to the White House once more, the same move that he practiced last year when he was part of the winning New England Patriots team, as reported by CNN.

"No, I'm not going to the White House. Are you kidding me?"

As seen in the below video, Jenkins spoke of not having a direct message for Trump, but instead spoke of continuing to move forward in positivity by attempting to help disenfranchised communities around the U.S. fight against inequality and police brutality.

"I just don't feel welcome into that house. I'm just gonna leave it at that."

A reading of some of the comments flowing into the reply section of the tweets featured in this article show a back-and-forth argument between Trump supporters and opponents on Twitter, with some claiming that although they hated former President Barack Obama, they still would have respected the office of the president of the U.S. enough to visit and not boycott after a Super Bowl championship win.

Others beg to differ and don't blame some Eagles players for staying far away from Trump's D.C.