Must See New Sherlock Holmes-Inspired Anime Is Coming To America - 'Next Big Thing In Animation' For 2019

An exciting new anime is coming to America. With the push of anime content on Netflix, it seems that U.S. audiences are looking for more of these Japanese animations. Though this one is not set to launch on any streaming site yet, the hype is still on the rise.

Created by one of Voltron's top directors Steve Ahn, Blossom Detective Holmes is inspired by the classic detective character Sherlock Holmes.

According to Ahn's Kickstarter campaign, Blossom Detective Holmes "is a first of its kind independent animated mini-series filled with suspense, mystery, and action." Since the majority of popular animes all over the world are produced in Japan, Ahn said this American-based production of Blossom Detective Holmes could pioneer a shift.

The other edge of Blossom Detective Holmes is that it will tackle more serious storylines that animes rarely do. Since it's a detective story, the audience can expect murder-drama stories.

The six-minute pilot episode features two teenage detectives, Skylar Holmes and Jamie, tackling a case of robbery. The duo showcases their unique talents, and this is where the story gets interesting.

"Skylar has the instincts of an expert detective and a heightened sense of smell, almost hound like, that allows her to gather data through scent alone. Jamie, on the other hand, is meticulous and uses visible evidence and logic to uncover the truth."
Jamie also has a Polaroid camera that transports them to different locations.

According to Den of Geek, the anime already looks promising. They've already dubbed this as the "next big thing in animation" even with just the production of the pilot episode. The site noted that there's a "certain energy that's irresistible" about the show, and its unique take on the genre could be a refreshing new take on anime storytelling.

Additionally, the pilot episode showed a preview of how it will keep audiences hooked. The characters have already made an impression in a way that you would like to uncover their personalities a little further. It also helped that Ahn's vision will not just be a complete rip-off of the classic Sherlock Holmes character since there are elements like the modern selfie camera that acts like a transporter.

Ahn and his team are set to produce the next episode and their Kickstarter program is looking for more backers. If you want to support Episode 2, you can check their page on

Watch the pilot episode below!