‘Hawaii Five-0’ Season 8, Episode 16 Air Date Postponed, McGarrett And Danno Might Not Save Adam In Time

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Things are certainly heating up in Hawaii Five-0 Season 8. Viewers were introduced to yet another interesting member of Danny Williams’ family while Steve McGarrett set off on a mission with the rest of his team. However, the most shocking part of “He Puko’a Kani ‘aina” was the abduction of Adam Noshimuri. Can Danno and McGarrett find Kono Kalakaua’s husband before it’s too late?

Fans who are hoping to learn about Adam Noshimuri’s fate this Friday will need to wait a lot longer than just a few days. Unfortunately, Hawaii Five-0 Season 8, Episode 16 will not air this week as the series is set to take a month-long hiatus.

It’s no secret that most networks will be covering the Winter Olympics this February. The coverage has pushed CBS to put Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 on hiatus for the rest of the month. This means that fans will need to wait until March to find out what will happen to Adam Noshimuri.

People certainly have a lot to ponder about while waiting for Hawaii Five-0 Season 8, Episode 16. “He Puko’a Kani ‘aina” treated fans to an awesome action sequence that confirmed Adam Noshimuri is an effective car thief and a gifted driver. Although it seems likely that he was abducted by Hideki, there are speculations that the suspect might be closer to Adam’s past. Some believe that the captors could be connected to the Yakuza.


But could this also mean that Adam Noshimuri’s beloved Kono Kalakaua will be back in Hawaii Five-0 Season 8? It is still highly unlikely that Grace Park will return to the CBS series. In the meantime, the show is set to keep referring to the character now that Ian Anthony Dale is part of the main cast. Hopefully, Steve McGarrett and Danny Williams will be able to find Adam in time when the series returns from its hiatus.

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The teaser for Hawaii Five-0 Season 8, Episode 16 certainly features plenty of action but just a brief glimpse at Adam Noshimuri. The video has caused fans to worry about Adam’s safety and whether Five-0 will be able to find him. Nevertheless, there is hope that things will work out for the team.

Hawaii Five-0 Season 8, Episode 16 will air on CBS on March 2.