Jeff Goldblum Appears In Jeep Super Bowl Commercial, Tweets Refer To Clip As The Best ‘Jurassic Park’ Sequel

Actor Jeff Goldblum may not have been featured in the Jurassic World trailer, but he apparently still managed to grab the attention of Jurassic Park fans with a different type of cameo appearance.

Instead of portraying Ian Malcolm alongside Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard in the new trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Goldblum essentially revived his iconic role from the blockbuster franchise in a Jeep commercial.

From the opening shots of the Jeep commercial, it appeared as if it was perhaps a second promotional trailer for the Jurassic World follow-up primarily because of Goldblum driving a Jeep in a high-speed chase against a Tyrannosaurus Rex. By the end of the clip, however, viewers realized that Goldblum was actually in the showroom of a Jeep dealership sitting behind the steering wheel of a display model.

When asked by the salesperson if he wanted to take a test drive in the Jeep, longtime fans of the franchise may have expected Jeff Goldblum to break the fourth wall and utter one of his most memorable lines from Jurassic Park such as “Life finds a way” or the more suitable “Must go faster.” However, he threw an unexpected curve ball that apparently went over well with viewers by stating that he already did.

There is a big chance that the clip from the Jeep Super Bowl commercial is the longest appearance of Ian Malcolm that Jurassic Park fans will be able to enjoy this year. It is true that the J.A. Bayona-directed sequel to the blockbuster hit Jurassic World will make its theatrical debut in June of this year. However, in an interview with The Independent back in December, Bayona confirmed that Malcolm would not be a core character in the film.

“He’s more like a cameo. He doesn’t have a major role in the action but it’s definitely a very meaningful one in terms of the story.”

Bayona further explained that Jeff Goldblum’s Dr. Malcolm character had always been the “voice of the conscience in these movies” – identifying the location of the “red lines.” The Spanish filmmaker confirmed that he and Colin Trevorrow (screenwriter of the sequel and director of the first film) focused on reaching the goal of connecting the dots between the new franchise and the old trilogy as they work together to expand Jurassic World while creating brand new connections at the same time.

According to Twitter, though, it is clear that the impact of Jeff Goldblum’s iconic performance in Jurassic Park left a T-rex sized footprint in the mud that is still noticed (and admired) decades after the character’s debut. There were even some tweets and posted comments that alluded to the Jeep Super Bowl commercial featuring Jeff Goldblum as being better than any other Jurassic Park sequel.

According to Cinema Blend, Goldblum made it clear that he was drawn to the Jurassic World sequel after speaking with Bayona about his vision for the film and the fact that he took the material seriously instead of just viewing it as a traditional summer hit movie. He explained that Bayona targeted the major issues – such as greed – along with “the marvels of science and reason.”

With Goldblum added to the cast of the upcoming Jurassic World installment, he joins another cast member from the original Jurassic Park– B.D. Wong who will reprise his role as Dr. Wu. In addition to watching Jeff Goldblum in the Jeep Super Bowl commercial repeatedly on YouTube and other online video websites, Jurassic Park fans and critics can enjoy seeing an “official” reappearance of Dr. Ian Malcolm in the highly-anticipated Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom when it debuts in theaters on June 22nd.