Lana Del Rey Tour Continues Despite Attempted Kidnapping, ‘Young And Beautiful’ Singer Doing Fine

Mike CoppolaGetty Images

The Lana Del Rey tour will continue without issue as confirmed by the “Lust for Life” singer.

Two days ago, the police took a man who allegedly plotted to kidnap Del Rey into custody. Michael Hunt, 43, was caught outside the concert hall in Orlando where the singer performed.

The authorities revealed that they received a tip that Hunt planned a stakeout at the Amway Center to kidnap Del Rey. The suspect is facing charges of attempted kidnapping and aggravated stalking. Hunt has no comment on this issue, and he is still in jail. The police found a knife in his possession and a ticket to Del Rey’s concert in Orlando.

On Sunday, Feb. 4, Lana assured the public that she is doing well through a tweet.

Based on her post, it seems like a kidnapping scare will not prevent her from making more public appearances.

According to a report by E! News, the Orlando Police Department located Hunt just a block away from the concert venue. They cornered him on Hughey Avenue and Central Boulevard on Feb. 2, Friday. They also clarified that Hunt was not able to contact Lana Del Rey.

The motive behind the kidnapping seems to be Hunt’s unrequited feelings for the singer.

It appears that Hunt has been continually professing his feelings for the singer on Facebook. He made a post on Jan. 30 that he will see his queen on Friday, and that their “decisions will be as one” from that day forward.


On Wednesday, Hunt posted a video where he revealed his plans to get together with Del Rey.

This will not be Hunt’s first time in jail. Reports reveal that he already served five terms in prison for different offenses. Based on the Florida Department of Corrections, he has been arrested for two grand theft charges, one was for a motor vehicle, and the other one was with a firearm. He also committed burglary of an occupied structure, forgery, and possession and sale of marijuana.


Hunt was released back in 2014 after he completed his nine-month stint in jail after he fled from law enforcement. As for now, he is in the Orange County jail.

Meanwhile, the next stop for Lana Del Rey’s tour will be on Monday, Feb. 5 at the Philips Arena at Atlanta.