‘Westworld’ Season 2: HBO Sets A Premiere Date And Releases A Eerie Trailer [Video]

Westworld viewers across the world are stoked about Season 2 after seeing the eerie trailer for the series. It’s been more than 18 months since Season 1 ended. The HBO drama is ready to spring back into action on Sunday, April 22, with 10 new episodes.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, HBO released Westworld’sSeason 2 trailer during the Super Bowl. It has been over 20 years since the network has run an ad during the Super Bowl. As customary for the series, the trailer came equipped with an instrumental cover of a favorite contemporary song: Kanye West’s “Runaway.” The song was brought to life and customized for Westworld by composer Ramin Djawadi. The video was three times as long as the previous trailers.

The video shows an emotional scene in Dolores Abernathy’s (Evan Rachel Wood) perspective. The oldest host in Westworld, Dolores launched the park into a revolution at the end of Season 1. She went as far as to kill her creator, Dr. Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins). While Dolores thought she was acting on her own free will, she actually was fulfilling the wishes of Dr. Ford. She pulled out a gun and pointed it at his head, shooting him dead. Since she killed the hosts’ creator, it’s safe to assume that all rules are out the window. Dolores will continue to lead the host to a war against their opposers.

Dolores’ dialog in the Westworld trailer reveals critical information about Season 2.

“Look at this world. This beautiful world. We built this world together. A world where dreams come true. A world where you can be free. But this world is a lie. This world deserves to die. Because this is your world. We’ve lived by your rules long enough. We can save this world. We can burn it to the ground, and from the ashes… build a new world. Our world.”

As Dolores speaks, the video shows the viewers how Westworld has changed since the first season ended in 2015. We see Dolores and Benard (Jeffrey Wright) with smiles on their faces after what appears to be a violent rampage following Dr. Ford’s death.

In another flash, we see Benard during the days he thought he was a human. Suddenly, an unfinished host comes behind Benard, striking a frightening pose.

The Man in Black (Ed Harris), who was formerly known as William in his younger days, is alive in Season 2. At the end of Season 1, the Man in Black was shot in the arm.

Westworld returns Sunday, April 22 on HBO.