February 4, 2018
Pregnant Chrissy Teigen Says Watching Super Bowl Sober Is 'Uneventful'

Chrissy Teigen is surprisingly good at making clever observations. Like the rest of the nation, who tuned in to watch the Super Bowl while drinking booze and munching on unhealthy snacks, the pregnant model went to Twitter to tweet about America's most-watched television broadcast.

Teigen, who is over five months into her second pregnancy, got candid in her tweet, and she certainly didn't mince her words. Super Bowl viewers typically divide into two camps: those who stuff their faces with booze before the game begins, and those who watch the event sober.

Echoing the sentiment of the latter camp, Teigen said she was anything but impressed with this year's Super Bowl. The 32-year-old wrote in her tweet that "this feels very uneventful," explaining that it could have "everything to do with the fact I'm not drinking."

Teigen's tweet came shortly before Justin Timberlake hit the stage for his half-time performance. Apparently, watching all those Super Bowl ads didn't make Teigen too giddy about this year's event. Hopefully, Timberlake was able to energize the pregnant and sober model with his Prince tribute or performances of his iconic hits such as "Cry Me a River" and "Sexy Back."

This is the second time this week that Chrissy Teigen has given a tongue-in-cheek comment about her pregnancy. Teigen, who the Twitterverse adores for her sense of humor, prompted a mixed reaction on social media when she cracked a dark joke about babies on Friday, according to People.

Teigen, who is expecting her second child, a boy, with husband John Legend, took to Twitter to complain that "this baby is sucking the life from me." Saying that this pregnancy makes her dry, hungry and sick, the model joked about how humans still create "these monsters," who "want us dead."

While the vast majority of her fans agreed with Teigen, who boasts over 9.6 million followers on Twitter, there were some who missed the sarcasm in her tweet.

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