‘Mission Impossible: Fallout’ Full Trailer Released Online After Super Bowl LII Teaser

Paramount Pictures released a teaser trailer for Mission Impossible: Fallout during Super Bowl LII Sunday evening. Since two minutes and 30-second ads don’t exist during the Super Bowl, the film was only granted a short spot to get fans excited.

Shortly after the teaser premiered, the full Fallout trailer debuted online. Ethan Hunt is at it again, in what looks like the most intense Mission Impossible film to date. The trailer showed stunt after stunt, even including the one where Tom Cruise breaks his ankle. In an interview with Graham Norton, Cruise noted the ankle-breaking scene was put in the movie, which features the actor hobbling away right after.

The new trailer confirms a question that was asked during Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation’s finale: What happened to Solomon Lane (Sean Harris) in that glass box?

Lane was the evil leader of the Syndicate in Rogue Nation, who proved to be one of the franchise’s most ruthless villains. Ethan, with the help of Benji (Simon Pegg), Ilsa (Rebecca Ferguson), Brandt (Jeremy Renner), and Luther (Ving Rhames), capture Lane in a glass box and gas him, causing fans to wonder whether he was killed or just knocked out.

It turns out Lane is still alive and well, but under the guard of Ethan and company. Lane is looking haggard but still continues to taunt Ethan and his friends.

The new trailer also gave an in-depth look at Henry Cavill’s character, August Walker. August is no doubt well-trained in combat, as he battles an unknown character in a bathroom and moves faster than lightning.

Whether Cavill is replacing Renner’s character as a new ally to the bunch remains to be seen. Renner is notably not in Fallout and likely could not return due to a vigorous Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4 production schedule.

It appears Ethan hasn’t lost his own combat skills, as he aids in the bathroom fighting scene. The IMF agent is also shown crashing several vehicles, getting thrown off a motorcycle, jumping off buildings, and climbing on an impossibly high cliff.

Also returning in MI6 is Alec Baldwin as Alan Hunley, the new Secretary of the IMF. Ethan’s wife (Michelle Monaghan) returns as well, with her last appearance in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol for a brief moment.

Newcomers to the franchise include Angela Bassett, Vanessa Kirby, and Wes Bentley.

Check out Mission Impossible: Fallout when it hits theaters on July 27.