February 5, 2018
Twitter Reacts To Kylie Jenner's Pregnancy And Birth Announcement

Kylie Jenner's pregnancy mystery has finally been solved! As reported by The Inquisitr, the 2o-year-old reality star confirmed that she gave birth to a healthy baby girl on February 1. Kylie finally confirmed the big news after rumors surrounding her pregnancy swirled for months. Naturally, users on social media have much to say about Kylie's venture into motherhood.

Here are some of the things that users on Twitter are saying.

Twitter Respects Kylie Jenner

Kylie announced the birth of her baby with a lengthy message, which she opened with an apology to her fans for keeping this news from them. Kylie's followers are used to her sharing every detail of her life with them, but they couldn't help but notice that she'd been absent over the past few months.

Kylie revealed that she kept her pregnancy hidden to prevent herself and her unborn child from being stressed out during this new journey, and to emotionally prepare for motherhood.

Though Kylie is no stranger to hate on social media, users on Twitter have been expressing their support of Kylie for putting her baby's health and well-being ahead of her own. They see her prioritizing her and her baby's privacy as a sign of maturity. Some users are even now saying that Kylie has their respect.

Kylie Jenner's Video Is Giving Twitter Major Feels

Kylie released an 11-minute-long video to accompany her baby announcement, and boy, does it tug at people's heartstrings. The video, which chronicled Kylie's journey over the last 9 months, and included commentary from her closest friends and family, has ignited extreme emotions in people. Some users on Twitter are even saying that they, too, want to have babies now. Some users are just in awe of the beauty of her pregnancy video.

Twitter Thinks Kris Jenner Is A Genius

Kylie Jenner may be being commended for opting to keep her pregnancy a secret, but it's hard not to notice that she announced the birth of her child on Super Bowl Sunday. Twitter is crediting this conveniently-timed announcement to Kris Jenner's top-tier managerial skills.

The mother/manager, who was rumored to secure Kim Kardashian's sex-tape deal many moons ago, is often credited with constantly keeping all of her family relevant and in the news cycle. Kylie Jenner announcing her baby on one of the most talked about days of the year is no accident, according to Twitter. And Kris Jenner is apparently who we have to thank for it.

Twitter Thinks Kim Kardashian Is An Attention Hog

Kim Kardashian used Kylie Jenner's pregnancy journey video to officially introduce the world to her youngest child, Chicago. While some users were happy to see Kim's newest bundle of joy in the video, some people believe that Kim should have allowed Kylie to have her moment. And they're now condemning Kim for being an attention hog. They're also speculating over the fact that Kim may have leaked her own baby's photos to TMZ to compete with Kylie's announcement.