‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ First Footage Revealed In Super Bowl LII Trailer

There have been some problems with the next spinoff in the Star Wars franchise, but the first trailer shown during Super Bowl 52 shows that all is now fine. Despite some bumps in the road along the way and a director change, Solo: A Star Wars Story has moved forward into the galaxy and will tell the tale of a young Han Solo. As the Eagles and Patriots battled on the field, the first trailer hit home for the fans.

For months, there had been rumors of the footage being released and it never quite came about, despite the fact the movie is hitting theaters in May. With a Memorial Day weekend release, the first trailer should have been released months ago, but delays kept it from happening.

So, in true Disney fashion, they waited for one of the biggest stages of every single year: the Super Bowl. The first commercial break saw Universal drop their first hit with the trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, and social media went quite crazy over it.

The second commercial break belonged to Disney and Lucasfilm, and as reported by Coming Soon, it showed the birth of a legend.

If anyone isn’t familiar with Han Solo, he’s the Star Wars legend made famous by the iconic Harrison Ford. Many have wondered about the mysterious past of the legendary Millennium Falcon captain, but Solo: A Star Wars Story will finally fill in the blanks.

Not only did this first footage from the film show fans their first look at a young Han Solo (Alden Ehrenreich), but they were also able to see Donald Glover as a young Lando Calrissian.

Solo: A Star Wars Story will fit into the timeline by taking place, obviously, before A New Hope but after Rogue One: A Story Wars Story. The full trailer is expected to debut on Good Morning America on Monday morning, but Disney didn’t want Super Bowl 52 to pass without giving fans a little something. Forty-five seconds is better than nothing, and it only gets the fans more excited for the film hitting theaters on May 25.