Lubed-Up Light Poles Thwart ‘Crazy Eagles Fans’ In Philadelphia After Super Bowl Win

Fans of the Philadelphia Eagles are notorious for celebrating when their team gives them something to celebrate, which was seen recently after the NFL playoffs. Ahead of that game, the Philly police got pro-active with Crisco and greased the metal light posts lining their city streets. The nation saw just how the Crisco-coated light poles worked for keeping people from climbing them — it didn’t.

Those relentless Eagles fans climbed the Crisco-coated light poles and didn’t even make it look like a feat after the city’s Crisco lube job. According to For The Win, the cops in Philadelphia have “upped the ante” as far as grades of lubricants go.

The Crisco-smeared light poles didn’t seem to offer any resistance to the determined pole climbers after the NFL title game. Early Sunday morning, people around Philadelphia noticed some bizarre attention being paid to the city’s numerous light poles. Workers applied hydraulic fluid this time around, making the light poles now very slippery entities lining the streets of Philly.

Police and city officials put a lot of stock in this lube job stopping pole climbers following the Super Bowl tonight. So why is a lot of hope hanging on the hydraulic fluid vs. the slippery Crisco that turned out not to be much of a deterrent?

For The Win reports that for starters, hydraulic fluid might be the better choice due to its water-resistant quality. This lubricant is engineered to be resistant to extreme weather conditions, unlike Crisco, which is manufactured as a cooking and baking aid or ingredient.

According to the New York Post, Crisco was a bust “partly because of the rain” that came the day of the NFL championship game which was followed by pole climbers having their way with these semi-lubed poles after the win.

The product the city workers are spreading all over the light poles ahead of the Super Bowl has “resistance to high-moisture environments.” So let it rain, snow or come down in freezing rain, they got these light poles covered. The product they are using in Philly is called Bio-Bottle Jack Hydraulic Fluid and it is advertised on Amazon as the following.

“Bio-Bottle Jack Hydraulic Fluid is the perfect economical choice for hydraulic equipment operating outside, where unpredictable higher moisture and dusty environments are more prominent and the equipment requires more frequent oil change intervals.”

One thing that does stand out is the price. There are three vendors selling this oil on Amazon and the least expensive vendor is offering a quart of this oil for $20.71. A quart isn’t going to go very far on the city of Philadelphia’s numerous light poles, so this looks as if it is a rather expensive venture. Of course, a city would most likely buy this stuff in bulk and have it on hand for its many vehicles and motors used for various city jobs.

Some folks from Philadelphia hopped online to post the event of lubing up the light poles around the city. One social media user wrote, “Philadelphia pole climbers: meet your match tonight. As predicted, no Crisco on the poles. Instead, police are using hydraulic fluid. And it’s water-resistant, too, they said, so this afternoon’s rain won’t make it any easier for you to climb.”

According to the New York Post, whether the Eagles win or lose the Super Bowl tonight, Philly police expect a celebration for a win or a celebration for the team just for getting this far, even if they lose. No matter what they are about to celebrate, they expect all the hoopla to flow out into the streets. This time around, the poles are ready for the “crazy Eagles fans” attempting a move.