‘Teen Mom OG’ Fans Speculate That Maci Bookout’s Son, Bentley, May Not Be Ex Ryan Edwards’

It’s not secret to Teen Mom OG fans that Maci Bookout and her ex, Ryan Edwards, are having difficulty getting along and co-parenting. While at one point, Maci and Ryan seemed to be getting along fairly well, things got explosive when it was revealed that Ryan had been addicted to heroin.

Maci Bookout revealed Ryan’s drug problem on an episode of Teen Mom OG, much to the discontent of his wife and family, who all claim they had no idea Ryan was sick.

In a recent episode of the hit MTV show, Larry Edwards, Ryan’s dad, made a comment about how “something big” was going to come out about Maci Bookout. As he said this, Ryan looked as though he was about to cry, which naturally made a lot of people very confused.

Although the family hasn’t revealed their big secret about his ex, some fans have speculated that Maci actually had a relationship with her ex Kyle King before Ryan. As such, some believe that Kyle is actually Bentley’s father and not Ryan.

Maci Bookout and Kyle King broke up for good in 2012 after it was revealed that he had cheated on Maci, but the pair reportedly knew one another in high school.

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Maci Bookout has now settled down with husband Taylor McKinney, and the pair have had two children together since Bentley. However, many fans are convinced that Bentley is Kyle’s and have been creating side-by-side comparisons on social media of the two.

Some feel the Bentley actually does look more like Kyle, while others have said he is a carbon copy of Ryan Edwards. What fans can’t deny, however, is that Bentley looks a lot like his mother.

Maci Bookout has not addressed the rumors thus far. Kyle King has moved on from his MTV days as well, and is now an actual father.

Ryan Edwards is reportedly recovered from his addiction to heroin, though some fans doubt this. Many ascribe his erratic behavior in Teen Mom OG episodes to still being on the drug.

Ryan and Maci have reportedly been fighting over custody of Bentley, as Maci is not allowing visits until she sees a clean drug test.