Meghan Markle Has Reportedly Cut Off Her Friends Since Getting Engaged To Prince Harry

Perry Carpenter

We all have those female friends who seem to fall off the face of the Earth when they get a boyfriend, but Meghan Markle has apparently taken that phenomenon to another level. Markle has reportedly cut off most of her friends completely since getting engaged to Prince Harry.

"A lot of Meghan's friends haven't heard from her. In some cases, she sent a mutual friend to explain she would no longer be in touch," claims a royal insider.

Apparently, most of them understood once it became clear that she and Harry were getting serious. Markle is a social person, but her life is changing in a big way, and certain friendships just can't continue.

So, who are some of the ladies that could be members of Markle's wedding party?

In an Instagram post last year, Markle wrote that actress Janina Gavankar was a close, longtime friend of more than a decade. It's safe to assume that the two are very close.

Markle also said that the two have a lot in common, including a love of hot sauce, their love of fashion, and the fact that they each had endless ambition.

One of the strongest possibilities to be maid of honor would be Lindsay Roth, who became close friends with Markle during a Toni Morrison literature class back during their time at Northwestern University. Meghan Markle was her maid of honor back in 2016, so it is possible that she will return the favor.