Pat Robertson, Anti-LGBT Televangelist, Suffers A Stroke And People Are Making Jokes About It On Twitter

Pat Robertson, the Christian Broadcasting Network’s (CBN) founder has suffered a stroke. Fox News reported that Robertson’s network put out a statement saying that the host of The 700 Club is “expected to make a full recovery.” The longtime televangelist was rushed to a medical facility on Friday when he showed signs of experiencing an embolic stroke.

At the hospital, Robertson received a clot-breaking drug called tPA. According to Fox, the drug was almost immediately effective and soon regained his cognitive ability and the ability to move his limbs. The statement from the CBN claimed that the neurologist who worked on Robertson called his recovery a “tPA miracle.” He will reportedly be released no later than Monday.

Despite the news of his recovery, Robertson’s stroke was the butt of the joke for many on social media. Some of the jokes seem motivated by his past condemnations of gay people.

“Pat Robertson says natural disasters happen because of gay people, so I assume he had a stroke because he’s been sucking c**k,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Has Pat Robertson blamed the gays for his stroke yet?” wrote another user.

Another tweeter wondered why Robertson had gone to the hospital instead of a priest to treat his stroke.

According to GLAAD, Robertson has a long history of bashing members of the LGBT community. After the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando, Robertson said that people should “sit on the sidelines” and let gay people and Muslim extremists kill themselves. He also claimed that the issue of homosexuality and Islam is a “murky one” because Lawrence of Arabia may have had sexual contact with a male sheik, The Daily Intelligencer reported at the time.

On another occasion, he said trans that most people are “frauds.” While Robertson did admit that there were some authentic transgender people in the world, he deemed the majority as liars. Patheos reported that he also said that trans issues were an excuse for the left to make an “aggrievement” for oppression that does not exist.

In addition to his condemnations of gay and trans people, Pat Robertson has also been accused of using his missionary organization, Operation Blessing, as a front for supporting mining operations on the African continent. As Alternet reports, former Operation Blessing workers told the creators of the documentary Mission Congo, that rescue flights for refugees were diverted so that equipment could be delivered to a “diamond mining concession” that was operated by Robertson.

Pat Robertson has denied the allegations and has repeatedly claimed that Operation Blessing was at the forefront of humanitarian relief in The Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda.