CES 2013: iBaby Labs Introduces HeartSense, Allowing Parents To Listen To Baby’s Heartbeat

California-based iBaby Labs debuted several mobile, easy-to-use baby products at CES in 2013. One of them, first introduced at Pepcom, was the iBaby HeartSense, which allows parents to hear their baby’s heartbeat instantly through their iPhone.

The iBaby HeartSense is a small, egg-shaped sensor which allows expecting parents to listen to their baby’s heartbeat instantly through the use of an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. To use, remove the top portion of the egg-shaped fetal doppler and place it on the expectant mother’s stomach. Within seconds, parents can check their baby’s heartbeat on their mobile device or tablet using the free iBaby app.

An iBaby spokesperson said that the HeartSense helps to provide a sense of comfort throughout pregnancy, and connectedness to a couple’s new or first child.

“These new products are compelling, easy to use and what parents are asking for,” said Adam Lin, iHealth Labs general manager. “The iBaby Monitor M2 and iBaby HeartSense provide parents with a sense of confidence in their baby’s health by tracking their heart rate and providing a mobile window on their child’s life using their iPhone or iPad.”

Families can also use the iBaby HeartSense to record their baby’s heartbeat so that they can share their excitement with their loved ones.

Parents today are demanding mobile, real-time information about their baby, so that they can keep up with their child’s progress anywhere throughout the day. New iBaby Labs devices help keep parents and loved ones informed on-the-go regarding their new baby by combining simple, easy-to-use tech with their mobile iOS app.

Here are some pictures of the iBaby HeartSense: