Kate Middleton Has Lipstick Named After Her, No Word Whether There Will Be Meghan Markle Lipstick Shade

For years now, Kate Middleton has inspired “The Kate Effect” by wearing garments and jewelry that royal watchers have eagerly bought up in order to look like the Duchess of Cambridge.

Now, Kate Middleton has lipstick shade named after her. Makeup brand Charlotte Tilbury has named a tea-rose pink lipstick after the Duchess of Cambridge, aptly named “The Duchess.”

According to Elle, Tilbury has a great love of the royal family and named a trio of lipsticks after two of her favorite royals. Besides the Duchess Kate-inspired lipstick shade, she has named two after the Queen.

The first, a shade that is a “rosy, matte pink” shade, is called “The Queen.” The second is a bolder “soft, matte wine color” called “Legendary Queen.”

Charlotte Tilbury has already created shades that “honor” such celebrities as Nicole Kidman and Kate Moss, according to The New York Post. But will the iconic brand honor Prince Harry’s fiancée Meghan Markle with her own shade?

Royal fans can hope that once the couple ties the knot on May 19 at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle, the upscale brand will launch a gorgeous shade that will honor the American actress.

Meanwhile, royal watchers can include wearing lipstick shades named after Queen Elizabeth and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, as part of their preparation to watch Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding.

According to The Post, the Kate Middleton shade is “ridiculously flattering.” Then again, Kate now embraces a beauty routine that focuses on her natural beauty and inspires other women to do the same.

About a year ago, not long after she turned 35, Duchess Kate made a huge transformation in her beauty routine that is simpler and makes her look much younger.

According to the Daily Mail, who interviewed beauty professional Samantha Mercer, Kate Middleton started looking so much younger because she changed up her makeup routine.

Mercer, owner of The Dollz, a British hair and makeup company that caters to many celebs, explained that the Duchess of Cambridge has “embraced a ‘softer and fresher look.’”

“By changing a few things in her makeup routine she’s managed to transform herself.”

Samantha Mercer pointed out that as a busy mom of two, Middleton doesn’t have endless time to pamper herself or have her beauty stylist make her up every day. She explained that her routine needs to be “quick and easy to do herself.”

She also points out that with Kate’s “perfect skin,” she is already starting on a perfect canvas, as she “really doesn’t need” much coverage.

Kate now wears dewy makeup which has enhanced her beautiful skin. Now, instead of pink powder blush, she is going with a creme blush, which makes her skin absolutely glow.

Perhaps the biggest difference is that Kate Middleton now has softened her eye makeup. Gone are the harsh lines around her eyes.

The Daily Mail points out that Kate is now embracing a more modern look, with a soft line above her eyes. The result is that Duchess Kate has youthened, and now looks a decade younger.