Official Club 33 Logo For Walt Disney World Revealed [Photos]

It was just a little over a week ago that the first applications for Club 33 in Walt Disney World were sent out, and now, there’s even more to learn about this exclusive club. Last year, word first got out about WDW getting its own version of Disneyland’s Club 33 and Disney soon confirmed that news. Last week, Golden Oak residents received the first chance to become members and now, the official logo for the east coast version has been revealed.

While there is still very little information officially out there on the Club 33 in Orlando, there are some things which are known. There will reportedly be four locations in Central Florida with one in each of the parks – Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

From the applications sent out last week to Golden Oak residents, the pricing was unveiled to the world and it is around what was expected. As anxious fans await applications for those outside of the Walt Disney World residential area, more information is coming out little by little.

This past week, Twitter user MagicBand Collectors happened to get a hold of the official logo for the Club 33 in Walt Disney World. Believe it or not, not everything is being copied from Disneyland as this one is quite different.

There is also a color version of the Club 33 logo which shows a bit more detail and how it will come across in the park locations.

When comparing it to the logo of Club 33 in Disneyland, you can see that there are vast differences between the two.

This new version of the logo for Club 33 in Walt Disney World looks to be that of a compass and that would fit hand-in-hand with the theme. The locations in the WDW theme parks are going to be themed after the worldly adventures of Walt Disney and his wife Lillian.

Right now, the approximate cost of initial membership dues will be $25,000 per person for Club 33 in Walt Disney World and annual dues will be about $15,000. Most of this information has not been officially released by Disney, but don’t expect much to change from when it does come directly from the company. Now, the logo is out there for all to see as well and the exclusive club is coming that much closer to becoming a Central Florida reality.