Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx: Behind Their Secretive Romance And Closeness With One Another’s Kids

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes, despite not ever admitting to it, clearly have a romance going on, and have had for some time now. Over the past year, the actors have begun stepping out together more often and have been spotted on romantic getaways on more than one occasion. Yet, after the mysterious seat-switching at a pre-Grammy gala this week, it’s obvious that the pair are still trying to keep onlookers guessing by evading the media spotlight.

As Bravo indicates, it must be exhausting for Holmes and Foxx, but the two, who have only admitted to friendship, are still up to their tricks.

“Clive Davis when he was giving a speech at the gala, ‘had stepped out for two minutes,’ when he called her name. She had been sitting next to Jamie, and Clive even confirmed, ‘She’s sitting with Jamie.’ But when the camera zoomed in on her seat, it was empty and only Jamie was there. When the audience found Katie, she had moved to another seat, at a different table, nowhere near Jamie.”

As the publication continues, when the party cleared out, Katie had disappeared into the night while Jamie exited with an entourage of friends. Many had expected the event to be Foxx and Holmes’ long-awaited coming out party, but it looks like an admission and verification by the two is still something to be anticipated. Will this ever really take place?

One thing is for sure, and that’s the fact that these two have dedication to keeping things mysterious. Rumors of Katie and Jamie dating first began as far back as 2013 and have carried on for the past five years. Many believed that the secrecy had to do with a supposed contract signed by Holmes within her divorce settlement with Tom Cruise, that stipulated the star was not to date publicly for five years. Those five years are up and Katie is still not speaking up about her romance with Jamie.

It’s been speculated that the secrecy comes down to protecting Katie’s daughter, Suri Cruise, from the media circus that would likely start up if Holmes and Foxx went fully public. Sources have acknowledged that Jamie Foxx hasn’t even spent much time with Katie’s daughter Suri, due to neither of the pair wanting to blend their families together. People shares words of the insider who claims Holmes and Foxx are enjoying dating in the moment and are not concerned with the future.

“They still have their own separate lives and they aren’t trying to join them together.They aren’t focused on what’s next or what the future holds. They are content simply knowing that they enjoy each other’s company and have a good time together. It isn’t about anything more than that.”

Despite there being no intentions to blend families together, a source close to Foxx does note that Katie Holmes has gotten closer to Jamie Foxx’s daughters, Corinne, 23, and Anelise, 9.

“Katie is close with Jamie’s girls. She spends time with them even when Jamie’s not there and they have dinner dates. Both girls get along really well with Katie. She’s been in Analise’s life since she was really young so they are especially tight.”