Justin Timberlake’s Prince Hologram ‘Demonic,’ Say Twitter Users Who Claim Prince Hated JT And Hologram Idea

Justin Timberlake might be bringing Prince back to life at the Super Bowl – but Prince’s fans are not happy about JT bringing sexy back. Timberlake can be seen in photos like those above, hosting Super Bowl weekend listening parties at Paisley Park to promote his new album, “Man of the Woods.” Paisley Park handlers even allowed Timberlake to get a temporary liquor license for the party, but Justin is coming under fire for Prince’s potential hologram appearance at the Super Bowl.

According to TMZ, Justin might feature Prince during his Super Bowl performance via a Prince hologram – but the notion is sending Prince’s fans into a tizzy on Twitter. Soon after TMZ published the news about Justin’s potential Super Bowl LII halftime show’s surprise guest, the name Prince began trending on Twitter.

Those who’ve followed Timberlake’s back-and-forth relationship with Prince in the past – many years before the upcoming Super Bowl performance with a Prince hologram – noted Prince’s alleged dig against Justin’s “SexyBack” song. As reported by Quartz, Prince allegedly said in 2006 that whoever claimed they were bringing sexy back, it never left.

According to Genius, Justin responded in 2007, within his “Give It To Me” song lyrics.

“Now if se-sexy never left, then why is everybody on my s***? Don’t hate on me just because you didn’t come up with it.”

Therefore, the thought of Justin using a Prince hologram isn’t sitting well with everyone.

Another segment of the public is pointing to Prince’s hatred of virtual reality technology like holograms, prior to holograms being a thing. As reported by Fader, Prince called it demonic.

“That whole virtual reality thing… it really is demonic. And I am not a demon.”

Therefore, the combination of Timberlake being the performer potentially using Prince’s likeness in holographic form – combined with Prince not favoring the thought of performing with dead celebrities – is causing a bunch of clapback on social media about the Prince hologram.

Meanwhile, Timberlake is working hard at rehearsing his upcoming Super Bow performance, even taping a dress performance in case of an emergency. Justin’s previous and controversial Super Bowl mate, Janet Jackson, is not expected to join him on Sunday, February 4. It’s not clear how a hologram of Prince would be received in Minnesota.

As seen in the below Twitter Moment about Timberlake’s potential Prince hologram, lots of GIFs of Prince shaking his head appear.