‘Morning Joe’ Scarborough Co-Host: You’re A Chauvinist [Video]

Joe Scarborough, the host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, apparently thinks Barack Obama rather than Mitt Romney needs to refer to binders full of women for his inner circle.

On this morning’s broadcast, Scarborough was discussing the president’s male-centric Cabinet appointments. He noted that mainstream media went berserk over Mitt Romney’s offhand “binders full of women” comment during one of the presidential debates, but has downplayed the lack of female appointees for actual high-level positions in the Obama administration.

Scarborough observed that mainstream media reporters such as co-host Mika Brzezinski and panelist Katty Kay of the BBC who “worship Obama” would have been blasting a Romney administration for its lack of diversity under the same circumstances.

Even the New York Times has noted that “Mr. Obama’s recent nominations raised concern that women were being underrepresented at the highest level of government and would be passed over for top positions.”

The discussion on Morning Joe about the double standard in the the way the media covers Democrats vs. Republicans got pretty heated and uncomfortable, and at one point Brzezinski told Scarborough, “You’re being chauvinistic right now.” Scarborough didn’t take that lightly: “… knowing me and seeing me work around here for five years — you want to call me a chauvinist on television?”

He added: “You can’t throw around attacks like that because you’re embarrassed about what Barack Obama’s doing.”

Brzezinski apologized later to Scarborough on air while expressing disagreement with the way he handled the segment.

Watch the video clips from Morning Joe below: