Melania Trump Hit With Backlash For Trump’s Big Mac Infatuation After Heartfelt Tweet ‘Backfires’

Melania Trump is the center of more backlash after posting a message online that is as generic as a message could get. In the spirit of kicking off the American Heart Association Month, Melania offered some good and factual advice to parents.

Melania’s tweet read, “February is American Heart Month. I encourage parents to take this opportunity to teach children about the importance of a healthy diet & exercise!” That is all it said, nothing more and nothing less, but as AOL News reports many people responded to Melania’s tweet by suggesting she start talking about this topic at home with the President.

People were relentless with their responses to Melania’s tweet with one person suggesting that the importance of diet and exercise needs to be taught to her husband and reminding her that “tweeting is not an exercise.” That is “unless you call it exercising your fingers.” Another person simply wrote, “teach your husband first.” From”Living in a glass house and throwing stones” to the word “hypocrite,” Melania is seen as preaching to the nation something she needs to preach at home.

Some folks did come to Melania’s rescue, defending her because she has no control over what another person eats or how often another person exercises.

Someone even asked a rather snarky question on Melania’s tweet — “So a dozen diet cokes, Big Macs, filet ‘O fish sandwiches, over-cooked steak with ketchup (which is not a vegetable) paired with a belief that exercise uses up your life energy isn’t the way to live? Please, tell us more…”

It seems that Melania’s tweet, which showed support for the American Heart Association’s special month, “backfired” suggests AOL. Donald Trump has never made a secret out of his propensity for fast food. He carried over his “transparency,” promise, which was made while still campaigning, to things in his private life. He has never tried to hide his fondness for fast food and he’s been pictured eating it in the past.

Melania Trump in red cape

He has been seen in pictures on his plane with a fast-food feast spread out before him. It was revealed back in December that the “diet” product he consumes the most of is Diet Coke and he has been known to drink up to 12 of them a day.

According to Inverse, Trump’s “infamous appetite for Diet Coke” wouldn’t be too bad alone, as far as his sodium intake for the day is concerned if this was the only sodium laced product he consumed. But with his tendency for ordering for fast food and topping this off by drinking up to a dozen Diet Cokes a day, this would put him at consuming too much sodium throughout the day.

Newsweek published an article back in January that suggests “Donald Trump’s McDonald’s obsession will ruin his body.” While Trump’s McDonald’s excursions have been common knowledge since his campaign days, the book that came out in January, Fire & Fury by Michael Wolff, rebooted Trump’s eating habits for the news.

Below are a few examples of what folks are posting on social media regarding Melania’s American Heart Foundation tweet.