‘Teen Mom 2’ Jenelle Evans Slammed For Letting Son Kaiser Ride ATV Without A Helment

Jenelle Evans’ judgement skills were once again questioned when she posted a video to her Instagram story of her 3-year-old son, Kaiser, riding an ATV without a helmet. The young boy was riding on a man’s lap, though it is not immediately clear who the man was. Many believe it is Jenelle Evans’ husband, David Eason.

Fans on Reddit were astounded by Jenelle Evans’ decision to allow her son to ride on the vehicle sans helmet, as many shared stories of horrific events and accidents that have occurred from neglecting to ride one safely. One user even said that her husband was injured for life after riding one incorrectly.

Jenelle Evans’ treatment of her son, Kaiser, has often been questioned. Although she portrays her family life as wholesome and near perfect on her social media, what Teen Mom 2 cameras capture tells a very different story.

Fans were shocked last season when Jenelle Evans and her husband were attempting to take photos for their save the date. Kaiser curiously wanted to look through the camera, but instead, David came charging at him swearing. Both parents were put under fire for David dragging the toddler away by the arm and telling him to “go play” with his elder brother, Jace.

“Catch me outside, how ‘bout dah?” ???????? #BoysWillBeBoys #Brothers

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Jenelle Evans has previously allowed Kaiser on a boat without a life jacket. His father, Nathan Griffith, claims that at one point, Kaiser actually fell into their lake and almost drowned. He also claims that the boy is now petrified of water.

Rumors have swirled recently that Jenelle Evans is taking drugs with her husband, David, due to the fact that both have been taking Snapchats of one another and displaying very erratic behavior as they do. Both Jenelle and David have admitted to doing drugs in the past, and at one point, Jenelle was a heroin addict.

The mom-of-three is rumored to be pregnant with her fourth child, though nothing has been confirmed. She posted a photo of daughter, Ensley’s first birthday which showed a small bump on her belly that fans took for a sign of pregnancy. She was also caught deleting comments that congratulated her on her new bundle of joy.