All-Tesla Race Car Series Gets The Green Light From Formula One Organizers

Patricia Grannum

An all-Tesla race car series has been given the green light by the organization behind Formula One, the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA). The Electric Production Car series, previously called The Electric GT series, has been in the planning stages for the last two years, Engadget reports. It's meant to race electric vehicles from different manufacturers against each other, but since other automakers don't have race-ready EVs, they are starting with Tesla Model S P100D.

According to Motor Sport, the Tesla Model S P100D recently passed its FIA crash test, which means that it's now officially approved by the sport's highest governing body.

The lineup could be expanded pretty soon though. As Engadget notes, other companies are developing electric cars with specs for racing. For example, Jaguar is planning to unleash their line of performance electric vehicles this year. We can also expect to see race-ready EVs from Porsche, Lucid, Infiniti, and one of Tesla's biggest competitors, BMW.

The Electric Production Car series will consist of racing weekends where electric cars will compete in three heats to qualify for 37-mile races. Race power for this series will be a maximum of 585kW (785bhp). The series will also have an auxiliary "drift off" competition. This contest will pit the top two drivers against two fan-voted drivers. They will then compete in drifting challenges where the winners will receive three extra championship points.

They have to hurry up, though, since they have some competition from other electric race-car series like Formula E. This is the largest and most popular electric race car series on the track today.