WWE News: Former Intercontinental Champion Calls The Miz, ‘One Of The Best Natural Wrestlers Of All Time’

WWE superstar The Miz is currently considered one of the best on the microphone in terms of promo segments, but one former Intercontinental champion believes his in-ring skills have caught up. In fact, he’s praising Miz as one of the best due to the fact he’s kept himself clean in terms of how he’s achieved the level he’s at. Here are the latest details on what was said about Mike “The Miz” Mizanin regarding his rise to become one of the top superstars in the WWE.

Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Ryback recently weighed in with thoughts on his podcast about Miz’s transition to one of the best in the business. As Rajah website reported, the former WWE superstar spoke highly of The Miz achieving the success he has. In fact, it had “The Big Guy” practically gushing over what Miz is accomplishing. One has to consider that Miz was originally a reality television star, but had a dream to become a WWE superstar. He realized that dream and now is considered one of the best on the microphone. Ryback took it a bit beyond that in his recent comments, though.

Former WWE star Ryback praises The Miz

The former champion said he’s happy Miz has become so successful, adding:

“I am going to go out and make a very bold statement. I think for knowing Miz, I believe he is one of the best natural wrestlers of all time. By that, I mean that he has never done any performance-enhancing drugs. I did them in my early 20’s. I haven’t done them in forever, but I think Miz is not the best at anything if that makes sense, but he is really consistent. He is great on the mic, but I wouldn’t even say he is the best on the microphone, but he is great at doing him.”

Ryback, real name Ryan Reeves, went on to add he believes “consistent” is a great word to describe Miz and says his hard work has paid off in terms of respect from the fans with their appreciation. “The Big Guy” also noted that while Miz is more of an “in-between” superstar in terms of size, he makes it work well. Ryback also said Miz can get away with it if the WWE books him badly for a while.

The Miz and Ryback have worked in programs with one another several years ago involving the Intercontinental title. In addition to that, they appeared in an infamous in-ring confrontation back in the day which involved them as contestants on Tough Enough 4. The in-ring bit saw Kurt Angle trying to intimidate each of the contestants one-by-one but Miz and Ryback held their own at the time.

Reeves has been known to criticise former superstars he worked with in his wrestling shoots including John Cena and CM Punk. This may also be an attempt for Ryback to secretly throw some shade at a few others on the roster that rubbed him the wrong way, although it appears to be genuine praise for The Miz and is something a lot of WWE fans will probably agree with.

While Miz was criticized a lot for previous title runs or stories in the WWE, he’s managed to evolve past the criticisms and continue to hone his craft. He’s a master at drawing heat in a way that fans seem to love to hate. Basically, The Miz has become one of the all-time classic heels in an era where that may seem truly lost. “The Most Must-See Superstar In History” is a phrase certainly befitting a star who is receiving the appreciation he finally deserves.