Boston Celtics Trade Rumors: Tyreke Evans, Lou Williams Discussions Taking Place

Harry HowGetty Images

Boston Celtics trade rumors from Saturday morning (February 3) link the team to Tyreke Evans and Lou Williams. These latest NBA trade rumors indicate that the Celtics are still looking to add scoring to the bench and that the availability of Evans and Williams is of interest to general manager Danny Ainge. A new report by the Boston Herald gives some background to negotiations that are taking place and what the Celtics might do before the NBA trade deadline on February 8.

According to the Boston Herald, the Memphis Grizzlies are asking for a first-round pick in any Tyreke Evans trade. An offer is on the table from the Denver Nuggets that includes Emmanuel Mudiay and a second-round pick, but the Grizzlies may be holding out for a first-round selection. The Los Angeles Clippers may also require a first-round pick in exchange for Lou Williams, who has shown the ability to score a lot of points with his new-found freedom in the offense.

There are other NBA trade rumors linking the Boston Celtics to additional teams and wing players, but all indications are that the team has narrowed its focus to Evans and Williams. Now, it all comes down to what Ainge is willing to give up to acquire one of those players. The hesitation in giving up a future first-round pick comes from the confidence he has in Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum. Both players have been playing well and could see an increase in minutes during the second half of the season.

A Tyreke Evans to Boston Celtics trade would not only give the team another scorer but someone who can help bring the ball up the court. That could be invaluable in the postseason, especially if the team has to continue dealing with injuries to Kyrie Irving or Marcus Smart. With Terry Rozier stepping up recently, he too could end up seeing more minutes down the stretch. The emergence of Rozier might make the front office even less-inclined to overpay before the NBA trade deadline.

With the expected addition of big man Greg Monroe, it is very clear that Danny Ainge is still looking to improve the roster. It gives more basis to these Boston Celtics trade rumors, as either Tyreke Evans or Lou Williams could provide an additional spark for the second unit. If the cost becomes prohibitive, though, Celtics fans should rest-assured that Ainge isn’t going to overpay either the Memphis Grizzlies or Los Angeles Clippers in the next week.