iPhone X: Tim Cook Denies Slow Sales As Samsung Galaxy S9 Release Pulls Closer

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If you’ve read the news over the past few weeks, you’ve certainly heard about Apple’s “low” iPhone x sales. The Washington Post asked if iPhone X sales spell trouble for Apple. Tom’s Guide recently listed “five reasons” why shoppers are skipping the iPhone X. And now, it appears that Tim Cook has finally spoken up about all the “low sales” whispers. Mac Rumors has the news.

“During today’s earnings call covering the first fiscal quarter of 2018, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the iPhone X has ‘surpassed our expectations’ and has been the ‘top selling iPhone’ every week since it shipped in November.”

The article adds that Apple also claims that the iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus lineup brought in the highest revenue of any iPhone lineup in the company’s history. The Cupertino company doesn’t break down the numbers but is said to have sold 77.3 million iPhones over the last quarter. Believe it or not, that is still below expectations.

Tim Cook still hasn’t quieted the negative rumors about the iPhone X. According to CNET, the iPhone X may not live for the rest of the year. The website claims that some components for the iPhone X are estimated to reach “zero” in the second half of this year. One of those components could be the Samsung OLED screen. Earlier reports add that the iPhone X would be completely discontinued once the larger-screen LCD versions are released in 2018. Usually, Apple just puts the old iPhone at a reduced price.

There are rumors that the iPhone X will be discontinued later this year. Featured image credit: Daryl Deino

One commenter after the article thinks that this is much ado about nothing.

“Well, they ramped up for launch, met the demand, and now they’re ramping down,” says RF99, adding that there is nothing unusual going on, and not continuing to make the iPhone X is probably a decision based on design changes.

There are still a lot of happy iPhone X owners on Twitter.


The iPhone X still continues to receive fantastic reviews. Vlad Savov of The Verge says the X is Apple’s “underrated masterpiece” and that Apple showed a lot of courage in going for such a radical design. Fortune says the iPhone X is Apple’s best smartphone ever. And Tom’s Guide recently wrote an article about why the iPhone X is still the best phone on the market.

In any case, Apple’s biggest challenge will be the release of Samsung’s Galaxy S9, which is set to be unveiled in a few weeks at the Mobile World Conference. Both versions of the smartphone will add a dual-lens camera. The S9 will also have even thinner bezels than the Galaxy S8 and the current iPhone X. It’s difficult to say if Samsung can once again take the lead over Apple in the smartphone marketplace.